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REPORTING · 18th March 2015
Walter McFarlane
Kildala student of Allison Whicher’s French Emersion 4/5/6 class were being filmed as a part of the Global Classroom Energy Diet Challenge on Thursday, February 19th. They were one of two classrooms in Canada to be chosen for the challenge this year, the other was in Shelburne Nova Scotia.

“We’re in here filming the Global Classroom as part of the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge. It is a national energy literacy program where we work with Canadian Geographic to provide Energy Literacy Curriculum and we’ve partnered with Global Tv to cover two of the class rooms in Canada,” said Joe Groat who was in the school representing Shell.

Shell partners with Canadian Geographic who has hired teachers to do the curriculum. Shell helps them with energy matters, but keeps their hands off for the most part.

“We picked two classrooms in our operating areas,” said Groat. “We pick classrooms out of teachers who have entered the contest. We try to keep it in operating provinces. […] We’re just trying to promote awareness of the program. It provides Canadians with insight into what’s happening here, it promotes energy conservation and hopefully promotes participation in subsequent years. ”

The contest has three different streams. One is a school project where the school has to reduce their carbon footprint, another is a video and the third is to do one of twenty-five challenges. The challenge the class chose was ‘Track your Trash.’

“They are going through the trash in their classroom and in their school to figure out what could be recycled, how much waste. They are finding a ton of sandwiches and juice boxes and pops that haven’t’ been eaten or drank. Then they are going to do an assembly with the school to tell them what they are finding,” said Groat.

The students sorted the garbage into wasted food, recycling and actual garbage. Their teacher, Whicher is very pleased with the work they have done.

“The biggest thing they learned was how much food is being wasted by students. Full sandwiches, full apples, full juice boxes. That was a big eye opener to them,” said Whicher. “I would say at least 50 pounds of wasted food in three days.”

The amount of wasted food was put in a bag which was far too heavy for the students to lift. It had to be wheeled into the gym during the assembly.

The videos will be airing from March 23rd - 29th. The film crews would return to Kitimat twice more for the other two challenges.