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CONTRIBUTION · 5th March 2015
You know its only a few months since the last election we elected a new council and our popular new mayor who has lived in Kitimat his whole life won his position by a landslide. Watching his performance on council his ability to make well thought out decisions and his ability to ask the tough question of industry made him the perfect candidate in my opinion for mayor especially with all the proposed LNG projects. Whats happened??

I think our mayor and council really care about the future of Kitimat moving forward. Seems they are now the enemy for doing the responsible thing and trying to show some constraint with the cities money. On the other hand the union deserves a fair offer but its got to be within what the city can afford and should be comparable with what other municipalities have settled for. The union claims it is not all about the money They were offered 2 1/2 percent per year over 3 years ( Terrace just settledfor 2% over the same time period) apparently that's not good enough.

They say their are 90 other
outstanding issues but they won't tell us what they are probably because their is a lot of money tied to them also. The proposed LNG companies have not made a final decision and all the tax revenue they will bring with them is not certain for the city to give in to all the unions demands at this time. Residents ( especially ones on a fixed income) can't afford a 12% increase in their home taxes if all the demands are met. The union is picking their battles at the wrong time . They say its about respect well how about the respect for the citizens of Kitimat. In my opinion personal attacks trying to intimidate our elected council and mayor for doing the jobs we elected them to do by a few radicals is disgraceful. Setting up pickets at municipal facilities is fair play but setting them up at non municipal facilities and calling them information pickets is not.they are still intimidating, but the lowest of them all making it personal and picketing out mayors personal business is unforgivable and will not help their cause for that I believe the union has last a lot of respect with the citizens of Kitimat I know they lost mine.

Both sides lets get back to the table and get this behind us.
Loal Strike " Wrong Time"
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-Soos on 26th March 2015
How true, we are in 21st century not 18th!
Totally agree
Comment by Don on 14th March 2015
Now is not the right time for the Union to be asking for all their demands to be met. The community and especially the hockey community have lost out big time! The peewee rep team have lost a once in a lifetime chance to play in front of a hometown crowd hopefully this never happens again