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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd March 2015
District of Kitimat
The District of Kitimat has $54,339,875,00 in assets consisting of:

1. $38,179,441 - Equity in tangible capital assets includes things like roads, sidewalks, sewers, buildings, equipment and other assets owned collectively by the residents of the District of Kitimat. These are assets that have been purchased, it is not cash.

2. $6,911,154.00 - Reserve Funds are monies designated toward specific financial goals. This would include projects such as land and improvement purchases, building maintenance and roads and bridges.

3. $9,249,280.00 Operating surplus includes reserves for items such as snow removal, large equipment, building reserves, emergency expenditures, etc.

Complete list of Operating Surplus and Reserve Funds is shown on p.15 District of Kitimat 2013 Annual Report and Financial Statements available at
District Funds
Comment by Cem on 17th May 2015
I would like to see an update on the funds the District of Kitimat has now due to the strike
“Inappropriate title” - Editor
Comment by J.Cruijff on 9th March 2015
Assets are not liquid cash, but tangible objects like cars, atvs etc.
they have to be maintained in order to function.
You really do not take the geniuses from the District union including the ones like Madsen from the RTA union serious. Maybe when Madsen becomes president, remember him working during the OT ban, he'll be wanting the price of "assets" from RTA during negotiations, good luck!
If money was not the object then refuse the effin raise and go back to work. You'll never run the District unless you apply for the job.
money money money
Comment by j.s. on 6th March 2015
also no money to make hirch creek into a nice decent campsite instead of the embarasing mess it has become.but the golf course wich is saposed to be privateley owned gets 100 plus grand every year
Comment by JP on 4th March 2015
$38,179,441 Equity in tangible capital assets includes things like roads, sidewalks.
But no money to build a Quatsino sidewalk, I don't get it?

$9,249,280.00 in mtce monies?
Comment by Just asking.... on 4th March 2015
But no money for an emergency generator for the firehall. Now does THAT make sense?