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CONTRIBUTION · 28th February 2015
Ingo Oevermann
Dear Editor;

The Feb. 26th issue of the Terrace Standard, and the Feb. 27th issue of Alaska Dispatch News both carried very complete articles about the controversial closing of the Canadian border crossing at Stewart/Hyder between midnight and 8:00 AM starting in April.

Since there arenít any major shopping malls in Hyder, there isnít a flood of Canadians going there to shop. Alcohol and firearms sales can be controlled by having to present valid drivers licence ID, and some increased training of postal staff in both towns can enable control of any contraband shipments. Iím not complaining about, nor denigrating the CBSA Ė theyíre all fine folks doing a job theyíve been sent there to do, but the security risks are so miniscule that IMHO there is very little justification for having any border checkpoint there at all. Letís make some constructive taxpayer cost-savings for a change; the saved funding could be well used to upgrade equipment for the Stewart/Hyder fire departments, to increase staffing and the services at the Stewart Health Clinic/Hospital, and improved transit services in and out of the area for residents of that remote location. If thereís any money left over, letís put it into area garbage clean-up, and spruce-up of the shopping facilities to make it more attractive for all valuable visitors. If you havenít been there, I encourage a visit; public transit in and out is limited, but the people are wonderful, and the scenery is magnificent. A terrific tourist destination for all to visit.

Sincerely, Ingo Oevermann, Smithers, B.C.
Split the cost
Comment by Larry on 2nd March 2015
If we have to "defend our borders" why not reach a deal with the Americans so that they man the post 12 hours a day and we pick up the balance. As usual though it is all about $$. I doubt very much if the bears up there have any real concerns with or about Cdn Border Customs.