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REPORTING · 17th February 2015
Walter McFarlane
A topic which has been coming up over the last couple of month is the need to put a sidewalk along Quatsino. At the Regular Meeting of Kitimat City Council On Monday, February 16th, Council was presented a petition of 625 names from Mary John.

“I found a need for a sidewalk along Quatsino,” said John. “It is is a safety issue, this road, the present need for a sidewalk along Quatsino Boulevard.”

John expressed Kitimat is blessed with beautiful sidewalks. She said the network is good for pleasure during the day, but the interior sidewalks become more sinister after dark and she prefers the street side sidewalks.

“On internal sidewalks, between houses, amongst the overgrown trees, 6 foot fences, I do not want to unexpectedly encounter a dog, a bear or any other uncomfortable situations. This is one of the reasons people are walking along Quatsino,” said John.

She thanked Councillor Larry Walker and Rob Goffinet for attending a walk around the area on Saturday. She told Council many of the sidewalks are overgrown.

Showing Council a map, she told them there were only two sidewalks which go from the Kildala Neighbourhood into the downtown core. One follows the drainage ditch and the other makes her uncomfortable to travel on at night.

Another issue is accessibility, as Quatsino is accessible to the people living along it. She pointed out there is no sidewalk to the soccer fields along Quatsino. In addition, people use the route for exercise during the monthly walk/run recreation.

She advised Council to put a full sidewalk along Quatsino, from the Police Station on Lahakas to Kuldo. She advised against putting a sidewalk between the condominiums because a Quatsino Sidewalk would be used more.

John told Council she talked to the RCMP about the potential of a sidewalk on Quatsino and they agreed the safety concern needs to be addressed. In addition, it would help keep people who are out and about in the community safer.

“I feel safer walking along Quatsino in the early morning because the area is open and cars traveling. If something happened to me, someone would see me and provide assistance,” said John.

She expressed information about near misses between vehicles and pedestrians would help show why this sidewalk was needed. John also advised Council, she sees mothers pushing strollers down the path.

She concluded by suggesting this could also go to referendum.

Councillor Edwin Empinado wanted to know which side of the road John wanted it on. She stated it was the same side as the path which was worn down. Empinado expressed this has been brought to Council by others as well.

Later in the meeting, Council made sure this would be brought back at budget time with a motion.
sidewalk needed
Comment by j.s. on 24th February 2015
hope fully this can get done without to much fuss and discusion from behind a desk and get it into the hands of the right people who get things done out in the field at a resonable cost to the tax payers...