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REPORTING · 31st January 2015
Walter McFarlane
On January 19th, Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison presented with the Monthly policing report for December. Constable Daubaras, the newest Cadet in Kitimat joined the presentation at the table to introduce himself to Council and to the public.

Harrison explained there will be two new officers in town, he is expecting them around April.

Victim Services had 241 clients for the year of 2014.

In December, there were 359 requests for services from the RCMP which was up from 308 in 2013.

“I’m pleased with the stats. Most of our serious offenses are down,” said Harrison.

He told Council Kitimat was up in the category for Sexual Assaults with 18 for 2014. However, he looked into it and 11 were unsubstantiated. Two people were charged and seven are still being investigated.

Criminal Harassment was up to 29 for the 2014 compared to 26 in 2013. Shoplifting was up to 19 compared to 6. Four of these were food related, five were liquor, and the rest were clothing and baubles.

Harrison explained drug offenses were up. There were 95 cases of impaired driving for 2014, compared to 62 in 2013. 375 tickets were issued. There were 607 warnings up. There were 65 liquor offenses. He said false alarms and false 911 calls were going down.

Councillor Larry Walker asked if the vacancies still existed. He was told there were two, one was because of medical leave, the other was vacant because the person transferred out and it was not filled.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked if impaired driving, liquor act offenses and motor vehicle act tickets and warnings were up because of more confident officers or if it was because there were more incidences.

Councillor Edwin Empinado asked if ATVs were allowed on the Dyke Road and were allowed to cross the streets near it. He was told they are not. This is a problem in summer time. Harrison expressed ATVs are allowed on forest service roads, but he did not think they were allowed on the Dyke Road.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked for further meetings between Mayor and Council and the RCMP.

Later in the meeting, Council made a motion to hire two additional RCMP Officers as of April 2015. Councillor Mario Feldhoff expressed it takes a while to secure the members so this might not have an impact on the 2015 budget.

He was told this probably will not hit the District books in 2015, but money is budgeted just in case. He was reminded they want to be geared up for a positive final investment decision. If not, they simply replace two officers who are transferring out. They expect a turnover of 2-3 officers per year.

“It’s a bit of a shot in the dark, but it might be better to get them ordered now and have them ready rather than waiting to get a positive final investment decision and then trying to play catch up,” said District Treasurer Steve Christiansen.

The motion was called and carried.