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REPORTING · 29th January 2015
Walter McFarlane
There is currently a legal challenge to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions in the Kitimat Valley being done by Lis Stannus and Emily Toews. This challenge costs money and they are raising funds to help them out.

One local resident who is answering the call is Vanessa Combden who is raising money by selling Scentsy products. All of the proceeds from the Scentsy sales is going to the legal fund. Other money has been raised from donations at the Kitimat and Terrace Farmers Markets, the Skeena Wild Conservation and by North West Watch.

“Sulphur Dioxide is harmful to anyone who struggles with breathing problems and it also creates acid rain damaging our forests and water. It is possible that the increased sulphur dioxide emissions can be stopped by the legal challenge that Lis and Emily began back in May, 2013,” wrote Stannus in an information leaflet.

The case was explained at a City Council Meeting in November of 2014 by Greg Knox. He explained there is a type of scrubber which is used at other plants which converts the sulphur dioxide into a type of salt which is found naturally in sea water.

For further information or to donate, contact Lis Stannus at lstannus,,, or Vanessa Combden.
Good idea
Comment by Vern on 29th January 2015
Hard to understand why RTA is willing to spend Billions on the Plant rebuild and not include scrubbers that would solve this problem . They talk about reducing green house gas output and protecting the air shed but tell people nothing about the dangers of Sulfur Dioxide which will cause damage to people's health. Can not help to wonder what an increase in acid content in our rain water is going to do.
Comment by kitimat first on 29th January 2015
I was at an jnfo session at work a few months back when management informed us that RTA was spending $75000 on flowers and plants (outdoor) at its main office in Kitimat. they made a point about how this was crazy and how they were ending it !
my point here being, if a multi national mining and aluminum giant doesn't want to spend $75000 on plants for beautification of its main office/smelter site, but spend maybe 10 times that on lawyers fighting so they can spew more sulphur dioxide into the environment shows you the lack of respect it has for its employees and citizens as a whole ! money is more important to them than the health of the people and the surrounding environment ! good luck lis stannous,emily toews.