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REPORTING · 22nd January 2015
Walter McFarlane
Fixed a major error in the article (bolded below)

Kitimat City Council held a public hearing in relation to the zoning application for the proposal by Coast to Coast Holdings at the Alexander Townhouses on Tuesday, January 20th. The proposal is to create eight 12 unit apartments and 1 five unit townhouse.

Council received a single letter from Derick Stinson in support of the project. He expressed in his letter he is a neighbour to the current eyesores and wanted to see the property redeveloped. He also told Council he hoped this development would cover more of the lots space leaving less unutilized and uncared for greenspace on the property.

David Payne who lives near the development expressed he is not opposed to the development, but he has several concerns. “Will they retain any greenspace? Will there be families? Will there be a playground area?” asked Payne.

He asked Council if the proponent will have a place to store snow. He also stated the developer should use spread footings instead of pilings.

In addition, he advised Council to look closely at the traffic patterns. He explained to Council the stop sign from Alexander onto the Kuldo extension is treated as a Yield sign and only1 of 4 people come to a full stop at this busy intersection.

“If there are added people trying to get onto that road, say a significant number onto Alexander and onto Nalabila, say at the peak times for shift change and morning shift change, that could turn into one of the more traffic congested areas of town,” said Payne.

He thanked Council and the representatives of the developers for offering the forum.

Myrtle Prett, who also lives in the vicinity of the construction got up to speak about it. “I am saying right now that it will be an improvement to see those townhouses gone and something newer in the place. That itself will be an enhancement to the area,” said Prett.

She expressed concern over sidewalks for children who need to cross the busy road. She also said about parking being done on the street the renovated townhouses. Prett also suggested more streetlights on the main road.

Like Payne, she was concerned about how snow clearing at the townhouses is going to be addressed.

Prett told Council she visited some of the other proposed high density areas in town and the workers at Baxter Landing are happy to be working. She was surprised to find out the townhouses there were not sold at all.

She told concerns have been raised about the lack of elevators in the various proposed townhouses around town.

With no further public input, it was time for Council to decide whether or not to prolong the public hearing. Council decided to extend the public hearing until Tuesday, February 3rd. The proponent will be holding an open house tonight, Thursday January 22nd at KVI from 6-8 Pm.