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REPORTING · 14th January 2015
Walter McFarlane
There were a number of excluded projects from the supplemental budget which were cut. One of the items, an electronic sign at Tamitik, Councillor Larry Walker expressed could be used to pull the community together. The sign, which would cost $75,000, was cut from the budget by administration prior to the meeting on January 12th.

“Be it on the Tamitik Building or whatever, an electronic sign that tells the people: ‘Hey, storm warning,’ ‘hey, come to the fair this weekend,’ and ‘hey, the rink is open tonight from 7-10’ will pull people together,” said Walker.

He said there was a problem in getting the information out to the public.

“We’ve tried the media, and they have done an excellent job, don’t get me wrong. We’ve tried the newsletter, and that’s not working, and we’ve tried the internet… It has the potential to pull the community much more together then what I’ve seen in the past. Something that is continually changing, everybody reads it,” said Walker.

He said people are saying they are uninformed about what is going on in the community. He said an electronic sign which tells people what is happening could be one way of getting it out to them.

“It’s like a community newsletter but in flashing lights. It tells people everything that is happening,” said Walker.

He stated that as Kitimat becomes bigger, people lose contact with one another.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated there were a number of projects which looked good but were cut from the budget. He reminded Council they were waiting on LNG Projects.

CAO Ron Poole expressed there were a number of projects which were not recommended to keep the budget tight. He expressed the District of Kitimat has absorbed a million dollars over the last couple of years in resources and the costs of doing business. Both Legal and Planning have gone up.

“These things are hitting us and we don’t have that additional revenue coming in yet. It’s been a big juggling game. We’re sacrificing right now in our capital projects,” said Poole.

He advised Council to take it and look at it and asked for further feedback.
Cable car sign needed
Comment by CEM on 17th January 2015
With the internet, I-pads or what ever else in electronic gadgets that are out there, it is so easy to find out what is going on in Kitimat. But when it comes to people speeding on the highway at the Cable Car turnoff and passing on the side of the road, honking because you are in THEIR WAY, a flashing speed sign is needed here like on the cemetery hill. With kids on quads, dirt bikes, horses their needs to be a big flashing sign to slow people down and remind them that there are about 200 families living in this area. It is just a matter of time and there is going to be a very bad accident at this section of the highway. I realize the District of Kitimat is going to say this is the responsibility of the Highways Department. We pay taxes too and what do we get, snow clearing, ditches cut once a year, repairs to the pavement, water but little in what the city gets. No parks for the kids to play in, no sidewalks, little in street lights, no sewer hook-ups, speed signs that don't make sense, no bulletin board, repairs needed to the cement at the community mailboxes for better drainage, trees trimmed at corner lots for better visibility. Yes we pay taxes too !
Comment by J.Cruijff on 14th January 2015
I have a sign for councillor Walker, a big fat middle finger. 75,000 dollars for a sign at the River lodge?
I know he is a novice on council but has no problem spending other people's money, shame on him.
Another thing, acc. to our $200,000 man Poole we absorbed over a couple (2) years a million dollars
in resources and cost of doing business. I say cut the overhead at city hall, do we really need an apprentice manager at $150,000 these wages with benefits are waaay out of line, just think of the seperation package we'll on the hook for when we want to get rid of this extravagant needless expense.
Good call on sign
Comment by Started at the bottom on 14th January 2015
Money well saved council. There is lots of information out here, kitimat daily, sentinal, news advertiser, cftk, web sites face crack etc. I am always amazed when people say they don't know what's going on?? It is the job of council to cut through the whiners and complainers and deal with the real issues. I must sign into the politics site on face rack and find out why there are work camps in Kitimat.