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REPORTING · 24th December 2014
Walter McFarlane
A local author has published her first book. “Kissing Frogs,” by Alisha Sevigny was launched locally at the Kitimat Public Library on Monday, December 22nd. Sevigny grew up in Kitimat, went to university where she did a degree in sociology and professional writing at the University of Victoria and worked as a literary agent helping authors get published.

The book is set in Panama and loosely based on the legend of the Frog Prince. The main character is Jessica, a young woman who reinvented herself from a nerd into a popular girl. When she finds out she is failing biology, her spring break travel plans change from a trip Miami with her boyfriend to a trip to Panama with the High School Conservation Club.

Sevigny stated while Jessica is there, she encounters a boy from before she reinvented herself who recovers an object of hers from a pool in exchange for three non-dates.

Sevigny explained her trips around the world inspires what she writes. “Kissing Frogs” was inspired by a trip which she took to Panama. During her trip, she learned about the Golden Frog which is a National Symbol of Panama. The frog is extinct in the wild and is only found at conservation centres.

All of the locations which the characters visit do exist. She started writing the book in February of 2012. The first draft was finished in July. It took two and a half years from start to finish. She wants to work out the TV and movie rights in 2015.

Sevigny has other books which she has started and not finished. She expressed it is difficult to finish a book once it is started and can be even more difficult with two children. She has considered another book in the series, perhaps about a few of the other characters whom she wrote about.

For advice for authors: “Writing is a very vulnerable thing. You are kind of showing what’s inside you and it’s out there for people to judge and not everyone will like it and that’s fine, but you hope that your story will resonate with a few readers and if it does, that is reward enough,” said Sevigny.

The book is available on Amazon, on Kobo, Itunes and on Fierce Ink Press. They are also available locally at People’s Pharmacy.