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REPORTING · 21st December 2014
Walter McFarlane
Chad Fournier of the Kitimat Snowmobile and Hiking Club came to give a presentation on the Robinson Ridge Cabin on Monday, December 15th.

“That project is more or less wound down to a close. The Cabin is ready for use and I figured it was a good time to provide a bit of an update on the project, report on how the financials turned out and just a bit of a list of remaining deficiency items that need to be cleaned up,” said Fournier.

He explained to the Council that Robinson Ridge is a great hiking trail in outdoor alpine recreation. There was a cabin which was built in the 1980’s which was determined to be at the end of its life. The cabin on the ridge is an emergency shelter and warming hut which is maintained with a user agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC.

The cabin can accommodate 20 people during for day use and 6-8 overnight for planned purposes. He reminded Council the cabin is should not be used as such because it is for emergency use.

The club decided to replace the cabin after another recent cabin replacement on Clauge Mountain.

“The idea was conceived in the spring of last year, research on cabin options was completed and a rough project budget was developed in the summer. Application process started in the fall of 2013 and in December of last year, we were granted $32,000 from the District through the capital projects grant program,” said Fournier.

They ordered the remanufactured cabin in February 2014. Then they were able to use the District of Kitimat Grant Money to receive another grant from the Northern Development Initiative Trust equal to the grant from Kitimat.

With the two grants in hand, they contributed $10,000 and provide in kind contribution in labour. They were supplemented with an additional $4000 by Recreation Sites and Trails.

The Cabin was delivered in August. They found a location and began putting in the columns, flooring in late September and assembled the cabin in a two day week party at the end of September. The Cabin was finished in October and it was ready for use in November. The total cost was $75,000 pre-tax dollars out of the $77,000 which was budgeted for. They have contributed over 1000 labour hours for the project. The anticipated cost is $84,000 and the shortfall will be made up by club funds.

Fournier thanked everyone who played a role in completing the project. He stated if anyone has any further questions on the project, they are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the Kitimat Snowmobile and Hiking Club on the first Tuesday of Every Month at 7:30 at the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club.

He added if anyone wants to contribute, they are welcome to pay a club membership / trail fee at Riverlodge, Tamitik or at their meetings.
Great Job
Comment by Jeff T on 22nd December 2014
Well done folks. This is another example of a great job done by a local club. The cabin looks fantastic! Kudos to all the people and business's that helped. A lot of hard work and long hours I'm sure but the end product is truly something to be proud of. Great Job!!
Outstanding Job
Comment by Mel on 21st December 2014
Thank - you so much to everyone whom worked together to get this cabin built and up. Another reason to shop local as a number of contractors and business's
contributed. Thanks Chad for the update and all the work. Looking forward to the hikes up!