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REPORTING · 19th December 2014
Walter McFarlane
During the reading of the Statement of Accounts on Monday, December 15th, Councillor Rob Goffinet brought up one he believed to be strange.

“Riverbank and Dyke road Clean up, $1500. I assumed over winter, the clean up on the riverbank would decrease through decrease in usage,” said Goffinet.

Martin Gould, Head of the Leisure Services Department explained to Goffinet that he went on a tour of the riverbank with the clerk and they noticed garbage left behind.

“We noticed a significant amount of garbage and waste and tarps and chairs and all sorts of things along the riverbank, not only by the lift stations and the Big Spruce Road but also right across from the RTA water intake as well as over by Squirrel park as they call it on the West side of the river,” said Gould.

They got a hold of the individual who cleans up the riverbanks for the District and asked him to do a clean-up of the area.

“He took nine large pick-up trucks full of garbage to our city dump and now the area is much cleaner,” said Gould.
Not just tourists
Comment by Vern on 23rd December 2014
It is easy to point a finger, yes tourists are leaving garbage but I have seen trucks with beds full of trash turning onto the dike road as well as turning on to logging roads. I see people tossing out litter such as coffee cups on the highway and the back of the hospital parking lot is a sea of butts from people who smoke there. A few weeks ago I saw someone open a car door while parked downtown and dump fast food wrappers on the ground. We all need to be more responsible.
Tourists causing garbage
Comment by CC on 22nd December 2014
I just don't know which is better: allowing tourists to come and fish for their benefit while trashing the grounds, dumping sewage/using the area as their personal toilet and then leaving their trash/belongings for the city to clean up and pay for? Or is the payoff these people spend when in town actually beneficial in any way? I think not.

In the end what money has Kitimat reaped from tourists that trash the town? Whatever they've spent on services within town is surely eaten up by having to clean their garbage after they leave.

It's high time tourists start respecting Kitimat and paying for what they use. Make another campground and have it maintained. Even a minimal rate, just simple parking spots - doesn't have to be fancy. There's no reason visitors should be able to fish and enjoy the town while disrespecting it when they give nothing back.

I'd like to see how much the bill was for the 9 loads of garbage: gas, vehicle costs, manpower, dump fees. Compared to these campers that come with their own supplies and buy a few groceries and don't pay for parking/sewage/the damage they do/trash they toss around.

I think Kitimat is basically paying THEM for self abuse.
I agree!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 21st December 2014
Yes - the campers should be charged a fee that will cover such things as cleaning up the garbage they leave behind, hiring the sani-dump people to clean the portable toilets, maintain the roads down to the riverbank, etc....why should the Kitimat taxpayers be responsible to cover all the expenses while they camp for free?
Then instead of hiring someone to go in and cleanup - they could pay someone to collect the camping fees!
late year clean up strange?
Comment by j.s. on 20th December 2014
i also find it strange that we had to go tell the individual that cleans up the river banks to actually go clean up the river banks .maybe the town can start charging aclean up fee to all who camp along the river to pay for these anuall clean ups and not have our tax money paying to clean up after these people that dont respect our out doors.
What about the garbage on the highway?
Comment by Ted Bergen on 19th December 2014
I wish the DOK would do the same thing with all the garbage on the highway, between cablecar and town. This stretch of highway is an embarrassment. Maybe the tourists / fishermen see all the garbage on the side of the road and think we just don't care, so why not leave 9 large truckloads of their garbage on the riverbank when they leave.
I know that the garbage on the side of the road is not the DOK's responsiblity(even though it's with-in city limits). It is the responsibility of "Billabong Road & Bridge Maintenance" / "Nechako North Coast Construction". A few months ago I spoke with a supervisor with Nechako North Coast Construction and he told me they pick up debris in the spring and fall AND WHEN NECESSARY. When I asked him, "who decides when it's necessary for additional cleaning?" He replied "The DOK".
Who knows if that's the truth or not. I do know, that this stretch of highway is discusting and needs some priority.
I must admit it was a nice touch to see all the roadside garbage being shredded and thrown all over the place a month ago by a contractor brush cutting. I wonder if that was the same contractor that is resposible for picking up the garbage.