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REPORTING · 10th December 2014
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Boxing Club held a Boxing Tournament for trophies, medals and bragging rights on Saturday, December 6th. Bragging rights were on the line between two boxers working on the Modernization Project. There were six bouts featuring both local boxers and boxers who came in from out of town.

The first three bouts were exhibitions to get the crowd warmed up featuring three different levels of skill. The first was between Arius Woytowich and Braydon O’Brian, both from the Kitimat Boxing Club. Hazelton boxers Tera Brooks and Mayenda Jones came out to show Kitimat a full contact exhibition. Finally Richard Boone from Kitimat and Alain Gagnon from Kitimat came out swinging in a fierce full contact exhibition with fast punches and skillful maneuvers.

Then it was into the real fights. Stephan Reid from Kitimat took on Shaun Vanvuskirk from the Bridge Boxing Club in the best bout of the night. The two hammered away at each other and the bout ended with Reid taking home the trophy after a split decision by the judges.

The next bout was Dan Frederickson from the Kitimat Boxing Club and Nico Rizzi from the Bridge Boxing Club. Frederickson was declared the winner by split decision after bloodying up Rizzi.

The main event was the final event, Alex Pinkerton vs Nathan Furtado. The audience cheered for their favourite boxer. Though the blows were swift and mighty, it was Furtado who took bragging rights after a split decision.

There were several special thanks for this Boxing Tournament. Ian Gibson, the BC Chief Official flew into town for the tournament. Dr. Huang was the fights doctor and judging the bouts were Marnie MacDonald, Kevin Gentile and Cody Anderson.