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CONTRIBUTION · 9th December 2014
Mike Langegger
Does the Province Support BC Resident Families or Foreign Trophy Hunters?

The BC Guide Outfitting industry that harvest wildlife for profit, and their foreign trophy hunting clients have become the subject of much controversy amongst the resident hunting community throughout BC, and the BC Wildlife Federation.

At the heart of the issue is the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) lobbying Minister of FLNRO Steve Thomson and Premier Christy Clark to remove more wildlife harvest allocations from 100,000 resident hunter to 210 Guide Outfitters throughout BC. Ultimately the GOABC is asking that Government hand over substantially more BC resident wildlife allocations to Guide Outfitters.

What does this mean for resident hunters? Much less opportunity to fill your freezers with organic meat, increased odds on Limited Entry, and less opportunity for resident hunters to hunt overall. This in an effort by the GOABC to prop up commercial trophy hunting primarily for foreigners, at the expense of BC residents.

Other North American jurisdictions allow commercial hunting interests 10% or less of allocated species. Here in BC Guide Outfitters have successfully lobbied the Minister to allocate (give them) up to 40% of allocated wildlife species.

Independent Guide Outfitters and the GOABC have argued the economic benefits of the trophy hunting business. However, recent economic reports reveal that resident hunters contribute far more to the BC economy through the many businesses supporting their outdoor recreation, hunting for food, and wildlife conservation. With these findings it makes no sense economically, and in the interest of wildlife to shift hunting allocations away from resident hunters to that of foreign trophy hunters.

Resident hunting spans generations having a strong heritage, traditional, social and cultural foundation. Family and friendship bonds are fostered and nurtured through our revered hunting opportunities, and many cherished memories created lasting lifetimes.

We fear that the minister of FLNRO and the Premier may not recognize or fail to better entrench these very important family values of BC residents, and cater to the GOABC and their trophy hunting for profit business agenda. By coincidence, the GOABC and a number of Guide Outfitters contributed to the liberal party in the last provincial election.

It is our perspective that after conservation, and First Nations food, social and ceremonial needs, that the needs of BC residents be met over that of foreign hunting interests.

We must ask government decision makers if they will allow 210 Guide Outfitters and the GOABC to trump the social values, economic contribution, and hunt for food opportunity of 100,000 resident hunting families?

If the Minister and Premier truly support BC's 100,000 resident hunting families, then the now vitiated 2007 Allocation Policy needs to be rescinded, allocated wildlife spits legislated, and immediately set to 90% residents and 10% Guide Outfitters for all species as is done in other jurisdictions. Does the Province support 100'000 BC resident hunting families or that of 210 Guide Outfitters catering to foreign trophy hunters? The Ministers decision will tell and are anxiously awaiting for it.

Mike Langegger
Northwest Fish and Wildlife Conservation Association - Chairman
Allocation Disparity
Comment by Jason Vines on 7th January 2015
The BC Government has allowed the Guide Outfitter industry to manipulate the allocation policy to move hunting opportunities away from residents to "garantee the viability" og the guiding industry, all at the expense of resident hunters. The guiding industry claims hardship if they have to adhere to the policy, yet both the guides and government claim that the industry of guiding foreign tropy hunters is a major economic contributor. Clealy the government has been swayed by the guides contributions to the Liberal party and given them the keys to the province's wildlife, while locking out opportunities for residents to put meat in their freezers.
Thanks for that update
Comment by Mel on 12th December 2014
Thanks for that factual view on what our government supports. Great research!
Excellent article......
Comment by Larry Walker on 9th December 2014
Are we to become 2nd class citizens in our own province? Is it the same when it comes to fishing?

I fear we are headed in the wrong direction and need to "change course asap". Highly recommend anyone who enjoys the great outdoors join their local Rod & Gun Club and get involved.