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REPORTING · 28th November 2014
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan brought a motion before Council on November 17th, stepping down from the chair to put it on the table. Acting Mayor Mary Murphy took charge of the meeting. The motion was for the District of Kitimat to establish a public process to take public input on the development of the water front land which Rio Tinto Alcan gave to Kitimat the previous week.

ďIíve spoken to many individuals and there are many ideas out there [for] what people want to see developed in this area from a boat launch and ramp, also to be used for Canoes and Kayaks, a dock thatís accessible for people with disabilities, some want a birding tower. Itís just all kinds of ideas so I think the public input is really important in this because itís the best way to see what should be developed in that area and what the public wants,Ē said Monaghan .

Councillor Rob Goffinet agreed to support this. He suggested they do this to other properties which become available to the District of Kitimat. Monaghan expressed they have promises from other groups to help with these plans as well.

The motion was called and carried.
So tired of it all
Comment by Watcher on 28th November 2014
You must be joking, right? The very suggestion that any special interest group could sway Council? Why, that would be almost like it has been done for years.
waterfront lands
Comment by j.s. on 28th November 2014
so kitimat meening the people of kitimat will get to determine what will be done there thats good news,or is there going to be certain people from kitimat determining this,also is there an access road to this land right now.
task force
Comment by bill on 28th November 2014
They should assemble a special task force, we need to hear from the people, not just what the cities special agenda is for this property.
Now this is what I call "Going Out With Style
Comment by Larry Walker on 28th November 2014
Excellent idea and the timing is perfect. Thank you Mayor Monaghan...we will miss you.