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REPORTING · 28th November 2014
Walter McFarlane
Several Members of The District of Kitimat’s Administration Team made a trip to Oman to tour the LNG. Rose Klukas from Economic Development, Deputy Fire Chief Peter Bizarro and Fire Chief Trent Bossence reported to Council on their trip, sponsored by LNG Canada. They went with three people from the Haisla Nation and two people from Hartley Bay. Klukas, Bizarro and Bossence reported to Council on Monday, November 17th. They all thanked LNG Canada for the trip.

“We had the opportunity to see a lot of things, it was a very jam packed trip,” said Klukas. “During that time, we did see an LNG plant and a vessel. We had an opportunity to board a vessel that happened to be in dock loading up LNG.”

She expressed it was a very good opportunity. One of the highlights was to see some of the social investments that Oman LNG invested in and where they were. She said it was an older plant and the projects had matured accordingly. They toured the community of Sur and met with the Mayor and Council and their administration about how the project impact the community and the businesses which existed.

Bizarro explained the purchases for the community included 24 fully equipped ambulances. There was training for the emergency responders, medical equipment and a self-sustained ambulance program which is owned by the community.

“The experience was very positive revealing many similarities between our community and the community of Sur which we went to see,” said Bizarro.

He stated the company had displayed a high standard of safety being accredited for quality, health, safety, security and environmental standards.

They talked with the facilities emergency response manager and noted the internal emergency response mitigation was similar to the plan for Methanex. The fire response included an automatic response and fuel valve shut offs in their control room. There were high level leak detection systems, fire monitors and in house teams with industrial firefighting equipment who were supported by the local fire department.

Bossence expressed when he arrived; he was uncertain how understanding the LNG plant in Oman could help them relate to a LNG plant in Kitimat. However, by the time they left the country, it had dawned on him that their concerns were similar to Kitimat.

“I think this trip here with LNG Canada really put at ease what the facility is going to look like, and what the fire department and the safety aspect of this facility is going to evolve, even more coming into Kitimat,” said Bossence.

He explained they make LNG the same way as they will in Kitimat. There are fixed systems and monitoring systems to fix the problems before they happen. The standard was above what it needed to be.

“What we are working towards now is: ‘How do I fit in with fire response and emergency response facility?’” asked Bossence. “In talking with [the emergency response facilitator], they are very eager to sit down at the table with me, come up with a plan, involve Mayor and Council with that in how the response capabilities are going to look to this LNG facility.”

He expressed the LNG facility would be safe. The trip put him at ease for what is coming down the road. He hoped it would also put Mayor and Council at ease.

Councillor Edwin Empinado asked how many trains the facility was and how many jobs were there. He was told it was three trains and 400 permanent jobs. Klukas also stated the country was ruled by a Sultan who makes decisions on how things operate in the country.

Empinado also wanted to know what their near misses were like. Bossence expressed they are no different from what other near misses in an industrial setting might be. They have had small fires which have been dealt with quickly. They deal with the smaller incidences in house and larger incidences require assistance from outside resources, such as the local fire department. He could perceive a similar scenario locally.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan thanked them for the report, stated they would be experts now and thanked them for keeping the community safe.