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CONTRIBUTION · 11th November 2014
John Powell
I am sharing the questions I received from the Kitimat,Terrace & District Labour Council & my answers to the questions.

It is unfortunate that I was not chosen as the candidate to support but I am going to give voters a chance to see my answers and get to see what I said.

If anyone else locally would like to also ask questions feel free to visit my facebook: John Powell For Kitimat Council


1. Have you been a candidate in a previous civic,professional, or federal election?

Answer: I have not been a candidate in any previous election. This is my first time seeking public office.

2. Describe your volunteer work and/or position(s) you have held in community organization(s)

Answer: I have done volunteer work in Kitimat for the annual telethon when I have been able to.

Through the tech crew I set up stage, sound systems, and lighting. I have also been a backup cameraman for local media during the event.

3. What do you believe are the critical issues facing your community?

Answer: Affordable housing for residents who work service industry jobs, waterfront access for the residents of Kitimat, Maintaining quality local services & continued economic development to maintain a high standard of living in Kitimat while also insuring all safety and environmental safeguards are in place with future developments.

4. How will you support workers in the community earning decent wages that will support a family?

Answer: By doing all I can to promote ongoing economic development and creating a more open atmosphere in council with transparency and fair and honest communication with workers as they are the backbone of the community.

5. What are your plans and ideas for sustainable economic development?

Answer: Continue to support the upcoming developments in Kitimat but also build on that and seek out more future investment that will use resources to create manufacturing jobs in the community and employ local workers and keep more money circulating locally to grow the town.

What is your position on?

1. Contracting out Public Services?

Answer: Following tradition as well as the knowledge that my grandfather was the first district union president I would prefer that the local district maintain its services and it's good union wages that maintain and support families.

2. Northern Gateway Project?

Answer: Although I am personally against the gateway project, Now that it has been approved it is imperative that all is done in order to make sure all safety standards are adhered to and that as many local workers are employed in its construction and Canadian materials are used as much as possible so the community of Kitimat and Canadian workers benefit as much as possible.

3. Social Housing?

Answer: More must be done in discussion with companies in order to help alleviate this situation of people in lower wage jobs being displaced from where they live due to escalating rent.

A company should have to build or put money towards affordable housing to offset issues related to development.

The province also must do much more in this regard as well as more and more issues and costs get dumped on the municipality before it even has a tax revenues from these projects.

4. Poverty?

Answer: Poverty should be addressed locally with an emphasis on local hiring and training to reduce this issue as much as possible.

Especially in regards to tradesmen and apprentices that are struggling to find work.

In Kitimat we need to work in conjunction with the provincial government in creating a homeless shelter in the community as well.

5. What ways do you propose to enhance communications with the Labour Council, Including notification of emerging issues?

Answer: I would want feedback from the Labour Council in regards to what is being done now by the District Of Kitimat and if not adequate then make sure it is if I am elected to council, whether that be more frequent meetings, email communication. Consistent dialogue would be a priority for me.

Other comments:

I'm currently a union member myself and believe in the strength of unions. Previous work experience and employment include 7 years pipelining, 1 year as a swamper/spotter on a 30 picker/winch tractor, followed by working locally multiple times on the current RTA site doing such tasks as welding, laboring,spotting, traffic control, safety watch, and hole watch.