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CONTRIBUTION · 17th October 2014
Clair Rattee
1. Who are you? Tell the public a little about yourself.

I am a 22 year old art enthusiast and I own DivineInk Tattoos & Piercing with my fiancé Oliver.

I have lived in Kitimat for 3 years and I own 2 beautiful dogs Brooklyn and Bronx. I am highly ambitious and always looking for a new challenge.

2. What do you bring to the Council table?

Although I may not be very experienced due to my age, I bring a lot of enthusiasm and a fresh outlook. I am always willing to learn and looking to prove my worth. I have been interested in politics my entire life and I know I will catch on very quickly. I bring a logical approach to everything and I strive for as much information as possible about any given situation rather than just jumping to make conclusions and decisions.

3. What is your experience with local politics?

I don't have any experience with local politics at the level of council, but I have always stayed up to date with

all of the politics locally, federally and internationally and I attend the council meetings so I can stay up to date on what is going on in town. I have also been involved with many local organizations such as the Community Supper Club and the Kitimat Humane Society and have taken many politically driven courses in school so I have a fundamental understanding of the processes that go on, even though I haven't had the

opportunity yet to put them into practice.

4. What personal attribute best qualifies you for office and how will you apply it to your role in office?

I am highly motivated and I care about my community. Bottom line is I will always do my very best to protect the best interests of my fellow citizens of Kitimat.

5. How would you improve relationships with Kitimat's neighbours?

I think that relations with the Haisla community are starting to improve and I would like to see that relationship grow even more so in the future as I believe they are one of the most valuable neighbours we have. I believe that looking into intiatives for small business could help to strengthen those ties by promoting them to open businesses here in town while strengthening our economy and employment rate as well as theirs. I hope that one day it wouldn't be looked at as two seperate communities, but as one cohesive one with everyone working together. I would also like to see relationships with our neighbors in Terrace and other neighbouring communities to be of great importance because with so many big projects in the future we need to realize that what happens in Kitimat can impact other communities as well.

6. If you could bring one commercial business to Kitimat, which business would you bring and why?

I honestly can't pick just one because I truly hope to see many new businesses here in Kitimat during my term on council if I am elected. I am a huge supporter of all business big and small and I think that our economy could drastically benefit from more restaurants, shopping, leisure activities such as a movie theatre, etc. I believe it is time for council to finally make that a priority and help businesses in Kitimat rather than

hinder them, we have SO MUCH potential here. That being said I think that the projects like LNG that are going on in Kitimat are equally important and have helped us to grow to where we are and I hope to see more of that industry grow here as long as it remains environmentally responsible.

7. If you could do any one thing in your role on Council to make Kitimat more prosperous, what would that be?

I would promote the development of a strong community plan that focuses on promoting local business and industry for sustainability for our community in the long term.

8. If you could do one thing in your role on council to make Kitimat a better place, what would that be?

I would work to ensure better allocation of funds and keeping our taxpayers money here in Kitimat whenever possible. I would like to see more focus on local business, recreational activities, and advocacy for the homeless, seniors and animals.

9. How would you define your leadership style and how does that style contribute to a more effective council?

I believe my leadership style would be best described as democratic because I always consult as many people as I can, and get as many facts as I can, before making a decision. This is effective because it encourages creativity, productivity and makes more people want to be involved when they know that their opinions are valued.

10. If there was something you could do to make Kitimat more environmentally friendly what would it be and why?

I would try to focus on the amount of refuse dumping going on all over Kitimat, particularly on the highway and backroads. I find it appauling and I believe that the community needs to be better educated about its impact, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we can't take it for granted!

11. In 15 words or less: What is the meaning of life?

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life." - Joseph Campbell