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CONTRIBUTION · 16th October 2014
Jack Riddle
01: Who are you? Tell the public a little about yourself?

My name is Jack Riddle. I moved to Kitimat five years ago with my wife Linnea to be closer to our daughter Julie and her family. We have three other children, one in Vancouver and our two sons are in Alberta. I was born into the fishing industry, schooled in Vancouver, served with the RCMP for twenty five years, mostly in the marine section and then spent fifteen years in the Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Esquimalt. My wife ran the arena concession for the Snow Valley Skating Club and we are avid boaters and fishers. Kitimat is our retirement home, we love the lifestyle it affords us and the people of Kitimat have made us feel at home.

02: What do you bring to the Council table?

I bring the ability to make decisions based on facts available.

03: What is your experience with local politics?

I was a candidate in the previous election. I attend Council on a regular basis as well as other relevant public forms.

04: What personal attribute best qualifies you for office and how will you apply it to your role in office?

My ability to identify key points and move forward with them best qualifies me for office.

05: How would you improve relationships with Kitimat’s neighbours?

Most people have very little knowledge concerning our neighbours i.e. how their society works, what type of local laws and beliefs guide them, how their hereditary chiefs are chosen (for example, the Haisla Nation), and which is the senior clan. I grew up with the Kitasu People. My father was an Honorary Chief and I still maintain a close relationship with them. I feel I probably have as much, or more, knowledge on First Nations People. By understanding relationships, we can grow.

06: If you could bring one commercial business to Kitimat, which business would you bring and why?

I would like to look into value-added in the Lumbar Industry. It would provide employment and be environmentally sound.

07: If you could do any one thing in your role on Council to make Kitimat more prosperous, what would that be?

I would promote a cohesive atmosphere which would allow projects to be started and finished in a timely matter.

08: If you could do one thing in your role on Council to make Kitimat a better place, what would that be?

I would promote a team feeling within Council, pulling everyone together to make Kitimat even better.

09: How would you define your leadership style and how does that style contribute to a more effective Council?

I have been a team player as a Police Officer and Search and Rescue Technician. The team approach allows many people to contribute to various endeavors.

10: If there was something you could do to make Kitimat more environmentally friendly what would it be and why?

I would convince RTA to install scrubbers and ensure that in future developments, the environment becomes the most important aspect.

11: In 15 words or less: What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to find happiness while staying in harmony with the world.