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CONTRIBUTION · 16th October 2014
Larry Walker
01: Who are you? Tell the public a little about yourself?

#1 My name is LARRY WALKER and Kathy and I have lived in Kitimat for roughly 4 years (moved here to retire).

02: What do you bring to the Council table?

#2 A “fresh and positive outlook”

03: What is your experience with local politics?

#3 Thirteen plus years as a City Alderman. Although I have not had the honour of serving Kitimat in a political fashion, I have however watched and commented through various media (including this newspaper) on the actions and inactions of our political leaders over the past few years.

04: What personal attribute best qualifies you for office and how will you apply it to your role in office?

#4 I never give up even in defeat and will bring this winning attitude to council and hopefully some of this may just rub off on others.

05: How would you improve relationships with Kitimat’s neighbours?

#5 I feel this can and will be accomplished through direct and constant dialogue with our neighbours,. You cannot agree or disagree on anything unless you are in constant positive communication with each other.

06: If you could bring one commercial business to Kitimat, which business would you bring and why?

#6 Easy to answer…..anything that produces a “value added” end product.

07: If you could do any one thing in your role on Council to make Kitimat more prosperous, what would that be?

#7 To start prosperity is not and should not be viewed only in terms of dollars and cents. I believe strongly that open, honest communication and compassion with staff, business, citizens and our neighbours leads to a stronger community and “everyone benefits”

08: If you could do one thing in your role on Council to make Kitimat a better place, what would that be?

#8 To bring to the table a positive and “a can do attitude”.

09: How would you define your leadership style and how does that style contribute to a more effective Council?

#9 I have been blessed (or cursed) with the role of “devil’s advocate. Council must learn to listen and begin to think outside the box. They must also learn how to listen, to accept criticism and deal with it.

10: If there was something you could do to make Kitimat more environmentally friendly what would it be and why?

#10 Our environment is , in my mind, our most precious asset and should we harm it in any way, there are no “do overs” and it is gone forever. I see people travelling half way around the world to partake in our fishing, our camping, and in many cases just to catch a glimpse of our abundant wildlife. We therefore must make every effort to protect our outdoors for all to enjoy, not just tomorrow but into the future.

11: In 15 words or less: What is the meaning of life?

#11 LIFE is God’s gift to all mankind and should not be squandered.