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REPORTING · 16th October 2014
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mary Murphy made a motion on Monday, October 6th to try and make Council Meetings more accessible to the public by putting them on their website.

“Our citizens are having a difficult time accessing our meetings and other communities have put it onto their website. You can go back and look at previous meetings and I think it would be really important that everybody has the ability to watch them,” said Murphy.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff agreed. The meetings would be archived on the website and people would be able to watch it in addition to the meetings on Channel 10.

Councillor Rob Goffinet also agreed, pointing out people don’t have access to a website but other do not have access to cable television as well. This could get more of the community watching.

The motion was called and carried.
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Comment by mmurphy on 18th October 2014
DOK tapes each and every meeting. Terrace and other communities provides links on their web page to council meetings, as do other communities. if they can share the videos why cant DOK. not asking them to do anything new, they are already doing this, just asking it to be available to the public.
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Comment by Walter McFarlane on 18th October 2014
When we used to do the video site, the work load involved babysitting a computer while the video rendered down to a manageable size and was then uploaded. Each hour of video took approximately 3.5 hours of babysitting... and when the program crashed or the upload failed, it took much longer.
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Comment by Larry on 16th October 2014
Would suggest you read Walter's comment on facebook today.