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REPORTING · 16th October 2014
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council received a special presentation via phone by the Chief Development Officer of Coast to Coast Holding, Gloria Couillard on October 6th. The topic regarded the future of the Alexander Townhouses. Couillard was phoning in from Quebec.

“Our project consists of 8 buildings, of 12 unit apartments each, three stories high and two semi-detached town house buildings, two stories high. 6 buildings of 12 units, apartments and 5 units town house represents our phase 1 and a second phase is 2 more buildings of 12 units apartments and 2 other rows of 4 units town houses for a total of 105 units,” said Couillard.

With underground parking stalls and outdoor parking stalls with plug ins, there are going to be 210 parking stalls.

There are four different floor plans in the buildings. In phase 1, 3 of the buildings will have 4 two bedroom apartments per floor. The other three will have 4 apartments per floor but will be divided between 1 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom apartments. Each of the townhouses will be four bedroom townhouses.

In phase 2, there will be one of each type of the apartments and 4 townhouses.

“All of our units are based on an open space, urban modern style and all of them will have luxurious features. I would like to make a note that all units in our project have a storage area inside each unit, but also storage in the underground parking area for bicycles and things of that sort,” said Couillard.

She went through the floor plans of the apartments for Council.

“All of our units have very good luxurious features like granite countertops in the bathroom and the Kitchen and hardwood floors throughout the living room and the dining room,” said Couillard.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan expressed this was very exciting. Councillor Phil Germuth thanked her for the presentation as the whole community was hoping for someone to redevelop the area in question. He asked if the units will be rental or if they would be for sale.

Couillard replied they anticipate a combination of rental or sale. She stated the market would dictate what they would do but they planned to do both.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know how many units were there now. He was told there were 55 condemned townhouses on the lot. Phase 1 would give them 77 units. Phase 2 would give them 28 units.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked staff if this would require a zoning amendment. However, it was built around a courtyard so it is not exploiting the capacity of the land. It will need to be rezoned.

Germuth asked if it would be expensive to build on this site. Couillard replied they would have to demolish everything that is there. It will not be cheap.

“However, we believe in the area, we believe as far as residential projects, we think that would definitely be a neighbourhood that would be well seen by the community and it would be very accessible for families and different services that you have in town,” said Couillard.

Monaghan asked when she planned to start the project. Couillard replied it would be after they get their permits in line.

Councillor Edwin Empinado asked if the units would be accessible. He was told the 1st floor of the apartments would be. They could adapt the town home if they choose to sell them, but they would need to work out the floor plan while it was being constructed.
Did anyone think to ask
Comment by Stacey on 17th October 2014
Where the people who are currently living there will go?