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REPORTING · 11th October 2014
Walter McFarlane
Sherry Leduc-Brady and Nadine Perschel-Graham got up to talk about the Community Supper Club at the Regular Meeting of Council for Monday, October 6th. Mayor Joanne Monaghan commented that it was a wonderful program.

“We host a community dinner once a week on Monday out of the First Baptist Church on Columbia Ave. We will be running six months next Monday, which is thanksgiving. We started Easter Monday. We will be holding a service this Monday,” said Brady.

They start Dinner at 5 pm and run until around 7 pm. Numbers increased quite steadily. Prior to the Council Meeting, 68 people were served. There was also a care package put up for one week for a family of four. They did 92 in house servings, 48 of which were take outs and 11 at lunch for the volunteers.

“Anybody is welcome, everybody is welcome. We will serve the Richest with the Rich and the Poorest with the Poor. We will not turn away anybody at our door. We eternally believe that having enough to eat should be a right and not a privilege,” said Brady.

Until recently, they were working off a donation jar which was set up by the front door and out of Brady’s pocket to fund the dinners. They have received public donations and Brady does a pick up at Overwaitea of breads, meats and deserts. Supervalu gives any items they can. They supply items other than produce and proteins. The Supper Club are covering produce and proteins themselves.

Until the beginning of September, the individual serving cost was $1.90. Now it is down to just over $1.00 per serving. She hoped the numbers would continue to go down as the numbers of people go up.

“You’re doing a great job and it’s certainly you ought to be commended for that,” said Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

Councillor Mary Murphy congratulated her for championing this and told her to keep up the good work. Councillor Edwin Empinado thanked her as well. He asked her if she knew about the Food Share Program. Brady told him they were the ones who linked them with Overwaitea.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked them how their day went. Brady explained she loads up her vehicle at 8:00 Am. They buy the volunteers some coffee. Then they start prep and cooking at 9 am. Lunch is served at noon and dinner begins at 5.

“Sometimes we don’t get volunteers in the Kitchen and everything is left on our shoulders,” said Brady.

Sometimes, they get asked to provide food for a large group. They receive donations from Overwaitea, Supervalu and Terrace Community Gardens. They have been able to do activities outside of their Monday night feast. They have taken food to the local homeless people. They have sent out care packages with pillows, beddings, a portable mattress and toiletries.

“Although we cannot change the world for everyone, we can change the world for certain individuals and I certainly hope that we are able to continue that service in the long run,” said Brady.

Monaghan told them to keep up the excellent work.
Community Supper Club
Comment by phil Stewart on 13th October 2014
I think Sherry Brady and her husband Rob, and their two children, Nadine Perchel-Graham and all the volunteers do an amazing job at the Community Supper Club. The food is always hot and delicious and the hospitality is always warm and inviting. I always enjoy the comradarie, the laughter and sometimes a good heart to heart conversation amongst the volunteers and with the guests. If you want to enjoy a hot meal and some good company come on down to the First Baptist church on Monday at 5 pm. If you can help in the kitchen or help set up tables and chairs and store them again. There is always a job to do, big or small. Come by and enjoy a meal, maybe make new friends, lend a helping hand. There is room for everyone and tell your family and friends.

Now that is "GOOD NEWS"
Comment by Larry on 12th October 2014
I no need for further comment. Good Luck and God bless you all.