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REPORTING · 11th October 2014
Walter McFarlane
After an hour and a half of Public Hearings, Kitimat City Council on October 6th got underway with Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s Good News Report.

“It seems the weeks are getting busier and since my last good news, I’ve attended 29 meetings and that does not include conference calls, emails and so forth but things are moving forward for the community,” said Monaghan.

She explained that Peter Tarzakian was in Kitimat with investors and met with Council, she spoke at a ribbon cutting for Encompass Solutions and the Housing Committee is meeting regularly.

Council met with Rupert Potter with the British Consulate. Monaghan explained they were interested in what was going on in Kitimat.

The Prayer Group meets once a month.

“Eleanor Kendall, Virginia Charron and Linda Campbell did an awesome job on the Peace Day Activities. I had an opportunity to speak at that event,” said Monaghan.

Monaghan said a few words at the rededication of the Kitimat Ice Rink. She stated the community was fortunate to have two ice rinks.

She moved on to the RCMP visit through Cops for Cancer. She thanked them for their efforts. She thanked the United Way for putting on the Fire Truck Pull. “The final contribution count was $4000, and we did beat Terrace thanks to a very generous $2000 contribution from the Kitimat, veterinarian hospital,” said Monaghan.

She announced the brand new truck which was being pulled. It even has a command centre built into it.

Monaghan expressed she met with individuals from the local townhouses and trailer parks. “There are issues there and I was there to listen and look for solutions,” said Monaghan.

She also attended a session with Shell. “Their first two trains will have 5000 to 7500 workers for 5 years and hopefully, another two trains will follow immediately for 5 more years with the same amount of people, so we are looking at people staying in our community for at least 10 years,” said Monaghan.

She said that shell is expected to create 400-700 permanent jobs.

Monaghan met with 6 investors from Japan, Taiwan and New York who were looking for investment opportunities.

She attended the senior’s symposium. She said the presentations were good, pertinent and to the point.

She attended a meeting on Canadian Energy Policy on Sunday, a presentation at the Fire Hall kicking off Fire Prevention Week.

She entertained the Helijet president last week whom she has been working on off and on for two years for a medivac system and a trauma centre in Kitimat.

“Good things take a long time and we’re getting a lot closer to that time,” said Monaghan.

Kitimat is getting closer to a 24/7 health clinic. Council will be working with them for the next couple of weeks. Anne Berrisford has been named as a torch bearer for the Winter Olympics in Prince George.

Monaghan thanked the District of Kitimat Gardeners for their beautiful gardens around the town. She also thanked the Famers Market for their 2014 year.

Finally, she stated the District of Kitimat received a gift of 110,000 for a sewer capacity study from Minister Coralie Oaks.
Truth be told
Comment by Rory Brown on 15th October 2014
29 meetings in one day? The only reason our mayor would attend any meeting is for a photo opportunity. I guess no one had a camera with them that day.
Comment by bill on 15th October 2014
Who remembers the mayors good news about Pytrade Inc? I'm still waiting for my new job from them the mayor promised!! haha
Comment by richard on 14th October 2014
you/ll be like a water skitter this winter......them grooves hold alota frozer water when filled...rta/s job,created heavy truck hauling causing ahvic on the highway.oil and gas movment didn/t help either5,but the tax payers will soak up the cost for repairing your HIGHWAYS. ty b

Comment by B on 13th October 2014
What happened to the highways project - snow removal improvements that was in conjunction with Ross Slezak ?
good news and not so good news
Comment by J.Cruijff on 13th October 2014
Good news was that after the last election mayor Monaghan was not going to run ever again, due to her advance age and other problems.
Now it appears that she will run again, I would say not so good news.
The last thing this town needs is somebody ready for the embalming table. We need somebody who can invigorate the town together with council and get things done in a positive manner.
Good questions
Comment by forest fan on 12th October 2014
Good questions, Roma. You have zoomed in on the heart of the matter. I have been at numerous meetings and events at which the mayor makes an appearance for a small portion of the meeting or event's duration.
At meeting, she will say that she has to leave to attend another meeting. This not good time management. Set some priorities for yourself., Madam Mayor, beginning with the committees for which you are the council's representative. Stay for the whole meeting so that you are well informed and perhaps even make a
contribution. You might even learn something worth reporting in your "good news" report.
Comment by djb on 11th October 2014
How is the return of tax dollars considered a 'gift" ? Should we be grateful every time our tax dollars are allocated to Kitimat?
29 meetings
Comment by roma on 11th October 2014
If one attends 29 meetings and stays till the end of each one how is there time to do anything else?
If one does not stay till the end of each meeting how would you know what was going on??
Just saying....
Good news Monaghan?
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 11th October 2014
Mayor Monaghan when you finally really do have some "Good News", like a completion of any of these projects, please stop trying to blow smoke up our collective derrieres. Everything in the works has potential, however, till something is firmly established in concrete it is all quite speculative. God knows many of us have lived here our whole lives and we are still waiting for some "Good News" so why don't you tone it down a bit till you've really got something in the to speak. BTW what happened to the Bio green house project by the NWCC and the carwash by the legion that you said was "Good News" about four years ago??? Rest my case.