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REPORTING · 2nd October 2014
Walter McFarlane
Director Phil Germuth brought a motion before the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine on September 12th in regards to the sale of the MK Bay Marina.

“Whereas MK Bay Marina is a significant importance to the recreational Boater and Whereas MK Bay Marina is the only access to tidal water in Kitimat, to residents and tourists alike, be it resolved that a press release be distributed to inform and address concerns of the public before any sale of MK Bay Marina is made final,” said Germuth.

Germuth explained that because the Marina was put for sale without public process, there would have to be information to make residents aware of the conditions of the sale. The Local Government Act requires a list of improvements, who would be acquiring the property, the nature and terms of the disposition and the considerations Regional District would receive for the disposition.

he stated they need to include sections on the marina being retained as a public asset. They need to explain future development and expansion plans, moorage fees and time limits which are in the conditions.

Germuth told the Regional District they need to provide knowledge to the public once the sale becomes known to the public to avoid rumours and the spread of misinformation.

The Regional District was told by Bob Marcellin that all which is required is public notice. Chair Bruce Bidgood stated at the time of the meeting, they do not have a formal offer to purchase which has been formalized and finalized, they just have terms as to which the Regional District would contemplate a sale of the marina. They were asked not to release the information as it would jeopardize their position on the development.

If they do reach an agreement in Principal at the same time as the Principal, then they will do a press release at that time.

Germuth expressed the intent is to put the marina in the best hands possible. While there are a lot of things in the marina which are good for the public and the boat owners, he expressed the other party should be approached to make the information public. This way, there is no public misconception or rumours.

Bidgood expressed they created a press release which stated all of this but were asked not to go forward with the release because it could compromise their process. Germuth questioned why the board members were not privy to this release despite the motion being made a month ago.

Bidgood told him the release was drafted by the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs 4-5 days prior to the meeting. They did not have it give it to the board. Germuth expressed they were given letters from the previous day.

He was told it would not be a good use of staff resources to give the board of directors for the Regional District a press release which was not intended to be given out.

“We are talking about MK Bay Marina which is a public entity owned by the Regional District and maintained and cared for and paid for by the taxpayers. Why is it not going out to public tender?” asked Director Penner.

She was told it was in camera. Bidgood expressed this was a tricky situation where if they do anything, they would be violating the party’s they are working with confidence and can be held liable. The recommendation from their attorney would be coming the next day.

The motion was called and carried.

While there has been no media release since the motion was carried, the information was still released. Someone at the Regional District Offices accidentally released the closed meeting agenda for the 12th concerning MK Bay to the public via their website.
Selling it?....RDKS is "giving it away"
Comment by Larry Walker on 3rd October 2014
According to what I have read so far, it will be offered to the Haisla Nation for $875,000. In researching the property with the BC Assessment Board the value last year was set at $1,142,000.

What is it worth this year? We all agree that the assessed value is normally below market value and should it go to public tender I figure the price would jump to between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000. Just don't sell it as Kitimat needs to grow and public access to the ocean is critical to our very survival.