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REPORTING · 26th September 2014
Walter McFarlane
Rio Tinto Alcan celebrated their 60th anniversary on September 12th and 13th. . It was an opportunity for workers of Rio Tinto Alcan and their family members to get together to play, eat, enjoy music and have fun.

“Today is a very special day. It is not often, in our industry that plants can go for 60 years. This is an incredible achievement and it’s an achievement which is a real testimony to the credibility of our people and the credibility of our relationship which we have with the local community. For me, it’s celebrating and an incredible success,” said Rio Tinto Alcan CEO Arnaud Soirat.

He said the original project was certainly envisioned to last for a very long time. Rio Tinto Alcan is in Kitimat to stay, be a part of the community, operate responsibly and provide good jobs for many years.

The company has changed over the last 60 years. In 2007, it was bought by Rio Tinto. Soirat expressed this was a big change which did a lot of good for both the company and the community. They have strengthened their ties with the First Nations with a partnership which allows them to provide training and jobs for the First Nations who work for the Modernization Project.

The modernization is over 70% complete. First metal is expected in the first half of 2015.

At the celebration on Saturday, there were plenty of things to do for the children. Bounce houses, bull riding and even a wall of Velcro for them to cling on to. The food vendors were out in force, with a variety of options to choose from. Music began at 4:00 and the entire town was treated to a fireworks display at 10:00.

With the 60th over, it is time to start counting down until the next milestone anniversary for the Kitimat Aluminium Smelter.
Phillip Dielschneider shows us how he clings to a wall of velcro
Phillip Dielschneider shows us how he clings to a wall of velcro
Len McArther shows us the vehical he used to use at Alcan.
Len McArther shows us the vehical he used to use at Alcan.
Dominic Meyer takes on the bull riding
Dominic Meyer takes on the bull riding
RTA 60th Birthday Confusion?
Comment by Roger Peterson on 5th October 2014
Confusion by general public became dissapointment when they were turned away from entering River Lodge grounds during RTA 60th anniversary celebration. Musicians played to virtually empty fields. It's unfortunate as it could have been a huge success. Except for the indoor kids events and the fireworks I would conclude it was not very well attended and therefore on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 5.