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REPORTING · 25th September 2014
Walter McFarlane
Nathan Cullen introduced his bill, proposing a Super Tanker Ban, in the House of Commons on Tuesday, September 23rd. It is entitled, An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest.

“It is going to be the first time in Canadian History, after more than 40 years of debate about oil tankers on the cost, parliament will vote on a bill that will ban Oil Supertankers off the North Coast,” said Cullen.

Cullen’s bill will have three primary components. In addition to the tanker ban, it will increase the power of local voices. The Third Piece of the bill will take into account what product is being shipped, what vessels are proposed and the impact it will have on jobs in Canada. In other words, it will promote exporting value added products over raw products.

“It doesn’t, in some people’s direction, enable or force the creation of jobs and upgrader refineries and what not. It just finally brings it into the mix, into the equation, because now, as law is written, the government of Canada does not seem to care what product is being shipped and it doesn’t factor into the decision in any meaningful way. We think this should be a part of the conversation in any proposal, whether a product is just being shipped raw or it is something that has added value to it,” said Cullen.

The bill talks about which vessels will be allowed on the North Coast. For example, Cullen does not wish to accidently ban shipments of fuel to the residents who need it. He also does not intend to tackle the debate on LNG in this bill.

The ban is the core of act though and Cullen stated it represents the will of the People of the Northwest and the First Nations who are taking the Enbridge project before the courts. Cullen stated he is going to be starting a conversation on this bill and, while he does expect people to be against the bill, he is open to the conversation.

“There are three ways to stop Northern Gateway. One is in the courts and that’s being done, the second is now in parliament, through this bill and lastly will be the ballot box in 2015, if Conservative MP’s vote against the interests of British Columbia,” said Cullen.

He stated the response from BC on Northern Gateway is overwhelming. The feelings against Enbridge are also strong in Conservative Ridings, from Conservative Voters. Cullen expects interference from the Conservative party but it will wear on them politically. He explained the people are going to try to change the Conservative’s minds or they are going to change the Conservative members of parliament.

He said there has been some negative feedback on the bill, some of it coming from a misunderstanding. People are worried this will enable other projects which they are worried about. For now, Cullen is listening and clarifying.

He plans to take this bill on the road to present it to communities in his riding as a part of a series of Town Halls entitled: Take Back Our Coast. He will be in Prince Rupert on October 14th at the Nisga’s Hall, Kitimat on October 15th at the Royal Canadian Legion Banquet Room, in Terrace on October 16th at the Terrace Arena Banquet Room and in Smithers on October 17th at Old Church. All of these start at 7:00 Pm.

Then tour will branch out across British Columbia visiting 20-25 communities across BC.

The bill is going to First Reading in the House and will go to debate in the New Year followed by its first Vote.
My sense is this a a private member's bomb, not bill
Comment by Allan Hewitson on 20th October 2014
I have very little expectation that this private member's bill will have much impact in Ottawa. Mr. Cullen continues to work for the negative side so continuously - he is very focused, no doubt - but I have been asking and asking what his favors -- specifically, that will be useful and community-building for Kitimat. His enthusiasm for LNG is equally muted.
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-Soos on 20th October 2014
Malcolm Baxter's letter in Sentinel prompted me to ask one only question this individual, I challenge him to answer

How many jobs has he created in our riding?
No Thanks NDP
Comment by Saskatoon Family on 4th October 2014
Saskatchewan people kicked them out because our neighbour to the west was prospering while our families were moving out to Alberta for work.

Now our economy is in full swing. No thanks NDP.
exporting resources??
Comment by Trin7 on 4th October 2014
We've closed down pulp mills across BC, families have lost jobs and our raw logs are exported to foreign countries. Now some of you (the minority) want to do the same to our's about time to realize this is a finite product - once it's gone, it's gone and we'll be buying refined oil back into Canada. Why give our resources away cheap, endangering our coast and the marine life. We will lose so much and when there's a spill, it'll be the BC Tax Payer who will end up paying for the 'attempt' to clean up. Don't forget that the few jobs that will be available will most likely go to cheaper foreign workers instead of Canadians. Thank you Mr. Cullen for speaking up for the people of BC.
Comment by kitimat first on 2nd October 2014
even though the plebiscite is meaningless... what it showed was the majority in Kitimat are against the pipeline ! you can spin it anyways you like Jim but the people who voted turned it down...period ! even if the vote was one more than those for ! majority rules, close is not good enough !
tankers and northern gateway
Comment by jim on 30th September 2014
I agree the majority of kitimat residents have taken a stand and said no to northern gateway with the plebiscite vote but it was a narrow victory and meaningless and a complete waste of money.All it showed was how divided the community is and played right into the conservatives hand . If you think the feelings of our little community of 10000 people is going to make any difference you are mistaken. Kitimat and the northwest are part of Canada and the conservative government were elected to manage
The finances of the whole country and they see the value of northern gateway in doing so . Except for the north coast I think they have a lot more support from the majority of Canada for this project . What's wrong with getting a premium dollar for our resources from oversees to help pay for the Canadian lifestyle we all enjoy (universal health care for example). Mr. Cullen and the NDP don't see it that way they would rather see these projects cancelled and to pay for the benefits
we aĺl enjoy for being canadian they will simply tax us and corporations that invest in Canada and jobs more. Fortunately for us the renewed popularity of Justin Trudeau and the liberals
And the proven track record of the conservatives of managing our tax dollars should ensure they will be back in third party status in the next election and we won't have to worry about his views on Northern Gateway , Business etc.
Thankyou Jim
Comment by vern on 29th September 2014
Well said Jim. I agree with you and I am a bit worried that we are moving too slow on the LNG plans. Mr. Cullen does try to do a good job but he needs to focus his time on bringing in some development for the northwest instead of appearing to be against everything.
The People of Kitimat have spoken ?
Comment by CEM on 29th September 2014
I don't think so...there are some that want a future in Kitimat...not just a place for the people that have boats to cruise Douglas channel. Take a look around you, oil products are all around you.
Mr Cullen, not everyone agrees with you. It is just a matter of time and the First Nations will realize where their money is coming from so they can continue to live they have been use to.
Thank You Mr Cullen
Comment by Glen on 29th September 2014
Mr Cullen I for one encourage you if you want to deter any economic development locally.

It will have the benefit of cutting down on the whining in the comments section as these people will have to move and find a new community to whine over.

majority rules
Comment by kitimat first on 28th September 2014
mr Cullen is speaking for the majority of Skeena residents who oppose Enbridge and super tankers on our coast...that's what he was elected to do !!
when you the minority vote in your representative then you can have your say, all you are doing is showing everyone in Skeena how much of a disregard you have for where you live !
Mr. Cullens views
Comment by Jim on 27th September 2014
I agree with Roma and John. With the Rio Tinto project finishing next year and all the uncertainty
surrounding the LNG projects in the northwest it is not helpful to have Mr. Cullen grandstanding his ( and the NDP ) view on banning tankers, taxing the crap out of the big company's wanting to invest billions of dollars here in the northwest and create good paying jobs etc. Major LNG investors are waiting for the provinces taxation policy regarding LNG ( due next month) and depending on that have already threatened to walk away from the projects. Hopefully Cristy Clarke and the liberals will make it favorable for them to invest their billions here in the northwest creating prosperity, good paying jobs, for families etc. You can bet if the NDP were in power they wouldn't.
I too am in favor of protecting the environment and our coast who isn't but I think we should spend more of our time, money and efforts building safeguards into these projects and then see if they are viable rather than the NDP view just say "NO" to tankers and big business. Mr. Cullen only has to look back at the last provincial election
to see what voters thought of the NDP policies. What should have been a landslide victory ( all the polls predicted this) didn't turn out so well for them once voters saw what was at stake.
Bottom line is I think people want good jobs and a good standard of living to raise their families first, they want to see the northwest prosper, they want to see the value of their home continuing to go up .
they want to see new businesses coming to town and they want to see what their cities can provide for them with all the local tax revenue these projects will provide etc.
welfare !!
Comment by kitimat first on 27th September 2014
so john smith thinks that because the majority of people in BC and Kitimat oppose Enbridge we'll all be on welfare... give me a friggin break all you nay sayers like john have got to come up with a better excuse than we'll all be on welfare because Enbridge wont be allowed to have its operations in Kitimat there's people at the source in Alberta who are on welfare...what has oil gotten them ?
the majority have spoken john smith, don't be a crybaby and deal with the reality, people will always be on welfare Enbridge will never make or break BC !
Comment by roma on 26th September 2014
We all know what Cullen is against...almost everything but do we know what he is for to help the economy???
Just once I would like to hear something positive from this man.
This man is a BANANA ....absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody!!
Comment by John Smith on 26th September 2014
That's good, Let him make a fool of him self .
Quite frankly if I had 40% of the pipe line vote I would be very encouraged.
That said, the district of Kitimat was wrong to look for popular opinion and waste $ 15000.00 of my tax dollars on something they will have absolutely no control over.
It makes me mad when I hear Joanne tell the media that the people of Kitimat have spoken. As for Cullen, he will have all of us on welfare if he gets his way.