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CONTRIBUTION · 18th September 2014
Patti Hone
When a person retires, a healthy individual will usually desire to go forward with the rest of their life. Grandchildren, hobbies and travel perhaps. I've never before seen a "report card" on a retirees work mates sent to a newspaper. During my career, I liked and worked with some administrators and staff better than others. I did not presume it gave me the right to post personal public report cards on what I thought of them. Would we call this slander? I accept the fact that those who do not do their job well will be gotten rid of. That is up to management, not me.

I have found during my career that leaders are in fact seldom team players. Those with leadership skills "think outside the box." They have vision, strength, education and experience. Such individuals don't seem to care about popularity, they are goal driven and work hard. They know a large population watches their every move. They have far bigger responsibilities than being popular with their staff. They answer to a far larger and important group of people, the public they serve.

I hope the election for mayor and council does not devolve into petty mud slinging. I have disagreed with Joanne Monaghan on some issues. I do not question her strength, honesty, integrity or work ethics. Never. In fact, these seem to be unusual qualities in some political circles. I can't recall her ever stooping to public mud-slinging. That's an example of integrity and a focus on bigger issues. If we must post personal report cards in the public newspaper, lets give her a grade on her best qualities as a mayor. She has plenty of those.


Patti Hone
Comment by John Smith on 26th September 2014
By the way, I think Corinne is spot on.
Tax payer
Comment by John Smith on 26th September 2014
Yes Joanne is vindictive, If she doesn't like you, LOOK OUT.
Comment by kitimat first on 20th September 2014
as long as ms scott didn't divulge any in camera meeting minutes, whats the friggin problem !
our federal and provincially elected officials are scrutinized all the time, are they any different than municipal officials ? just cause we live in a small town and everyone knows everyone doesn't mean they don't need to be scrutinized, they have to be accountable at all times to the taxpayers who voted them in, I didn't bend ms monaghans arm to run for mayor, she is being compensated for her time and efforts and scrutiny is part of the job description ! our children are scrutinized at school and so am I at work so I don't see a problem with ms scotts comments, I actually applaud her for doing it because of all the in camera meetings this council seems to think is necessary !
as the old saying goes "if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen" thank you ms scott.
Please clarify
Comment by Forest Fan on 19th September 2014
Mr. John Smith please clarify who you are refering to when you say "she is vindictive". Are you refering to Ms. Scott or the mayor? Thanks.
Comment by John Smith on 19th September 2014
When in politics expect to be judged.
Comment by John Smith on 19th September 2014
She is vindictive and I know that from personal experience.
No slander
Comment by CC on 19th September 2014
I'll just add here what I responded to under the headline of "Letter to the Editor: Local Political Insight":

Yesterday ˇ At first I didn't agree with Ms. Scott's inside information comments. But then when does the public ever get such a clear view of who they are voting for? Isn't the whole idea of voting to make the best informed decision? I don't think this is public humiliation when these people are in a public capacity. Ms. Scott wasn't telling us who has bad hygiene or who slurps their coffee, she instead gave us information based on job duties and abilities that show who can best lead and represent their town.

I am sure Ms. Scott has moved on during her retirement with other activities however she is still a voter and contributing in the best way she felt. I do not feel she slandered anyone. She pointed out positives and negatives.

As a voter I sure want to know what's going on in terms of voted in officials being up to the challenge and having Kitimat's best interests at heart. Heaven forbid there is a min-me-Harper hiding behind those doors in Kitimat.
can't help wonder
Comment by jim on 19th September 2014
Well said .It would be interesting to hear what she thinks of her own performance on council rather than everybody elses.