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NEWS RELEASE · 16th September 2014
Corinne Scott
Letter to the Editor: Local Political Insight – Part Three

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about what electors should look for in a candidate for municipal office and what candidates can expect. Currently, I don’t know for sure which of the current members of Council are preparing to run for office again. This is my Report Card from an ‘inside perspective’ of their past performance. Everyone will have their own opinion, and it’s important for electors to express their opinion at the polls on election day.

Councillor’s – (alphabetically)

Edwin Empinado – greatest public relations asset of Council.

- Outgoing personality when meeting Provincial Minister’s and other dignitaries.

- Put Kitimat on the map for being a friendly community.

- Always acts with integrity and care of his fellow man.

- Is a great listener.

- Needs to practice making presentations.

- My wish for Edwin is that he continues to prepare speaking notes, so he doesn’t get flustered.

Mario Feldhoff – greatest asset to Council during budget preparation.

- Critical thinker.

- Organized, always prepared for meetings

- Understands the issues.

- Acts with integrity and honesty.

- Remarkable memory for details.

- My wish for Mario is that he was old enough to retire and run for Mayor.

Phil Germuth – most improved of the ‘newer’ members of Council.

- Has worked hard to be informed of the issues.

- Completes research, and prepares speaking notes.

- Organized, always prepared for meetings.

- Not afraid to tackle issues in a forthright manner.

- Has worked diligently at developing his diplomatic skills.

- Looks professional.

- Acts with integrity and honesty.

- My wish for Phil is that he considers running for Mayor.

Rob Goffinet – critical thinker from a completely different perspective than mine.

- Has the ability to see issues from various perspectives.

- Is well spoken. It behooves people to listen carefully and follow his thought process, as it’s always valuable.

- Not always concise while making presentations.

- Acts with integrity and honesty.

- Always diplomatic.

- Organized, always prepared for meetings.

- First to volunteer his time for worthy causes.

- My wish for Rob is that he becomes more concise in making his presentations.

Mary Murphy – is willing to tackle any issues.

- Cares about Kitimat.

- Kind hearted - a people person.

- Sometimes has too much on her plate to do justice to her responsibilities.

- Not always prepared in advance of meetings.

- Outspoken personality and not afraid to ruffle feathers.

- At times misinterprets what others try to say so misunderstands the issue and/or concern.

- My wish for Mary is for her to have more time to focus on one or two critical issues and do them justice.

Mayor –Joanne Monaghan – longest serving politician

- Joanne must receive credit for the number of years devoted to the Council of Kitimat. She has had an amazing run in politics at all levels of elected official committees and organizations.

- Cares about Kitimat.

- Health issues have plagued her over the past few years.

- Doesn’t like to travel any more, therefore has missed important conferences and meetings eg. UBCM, NCLGA, LNG Conference, and provincial committee meetings that she appointed herself as the representative from Kitimat.

- Lacks consistency and diplomacy.

- As meeting Chair, is not totally familiar with rules of order which at times causes breakdowns in orderly Council meetings.

- Ignores and disrespects rules of order at meetings, not turning off her phone and taking calls in front of important delegations while they’re speaking.

- Doesn’t take kindly to differences of opinion when discussing issues and displays narcissistic tendencies, taking differences of opinion as a personal insult.

- Not a ‘team’ player tends to focus on personal aggrandizement.

- Has had out bursts of temper with her colleagues, and has threatened to walk out of meetings.

- ‘High maintenance’, usurping others time with never-ending telephone calls.

- My wish for Joanne is for her to retire with grace after a long run of her political career.

Again, these comments are my opinion only, please don’t start phoning or emailing me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the voting booth is where the opinions count.

Food for thought......

Corinne Scott
Make sure yo vote !
Comment by CEM on 24th September 2014
All good points made.....just make sure you get out and vote. No complaints about who has been voted in for Council and isn't an easy job and anybody new has quite a learning curve. Not that I agree with who is on the Council and Mayorship now but is isn't an easy job. Low pay for all the hours they have to put in before and after their public meetings.
Comment by Murray on 20th September 2014
Kudos to Ms. Scott for offering this political insight in such a timely manner. We should all be very grateful to have this knowledge passed on to us from someone who sat in the 'inner sanctum' and had the opportunity to observe councils work over a goodly period of time! How often are we ever able to obtain valuable first hand observations like these? PRACTICALLY NEVER!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were able to have this kind of insight into the goings on in Victoria and Ottawa

Keep up the good work Corrine....
Grace ?
Comment by John Smith on 19th September 2014
Its to late for Joanne to leave with grace, My concern is what does Trish Parsons think she is doing or better yet whose backing her. May pull some votes from Phll, but not enough to make him sweat .
i wanna know
Comment by kitimat first on 19th September 2014
great points Corrine. as a taxpayer I wanna know what's going on in council to make sure our voted in officials are acting responsible and professionally for the citizens of Kitimat. these jobs are not weekend hobbies and these elected officials have got to take there jobs seriously so knowing what's going on behind closed doors is important to me as it should be to every taxpayer who votes ! these people have to deal with multi national corporations not Joe's welding shop in Hazleton, so anyone who's against Corrine for her insight and thought's into the people who run our council have shown me that to them deceit and lying are ok ! there's already to many closed meetings and off camera meetings, council shouldn't hide anything from it's citizens, for those of you who wanna be misled and lied to MOVE !
as a taxpayer I applaud and thank Corrine for her council insight and hope our elected officials are doing their jobs with pride, integrity and most importantly honesty, for those opposed to this you then are a dishonest and untrustworthy person, so please don't run for council !
response to Virginia
Comment by CC on 18th September 2014
At first I didn't agree with Ms. Scott's inside information comments. But then when does the public ever get such a clear view of who they are voting for? Isn't the whole idea of voting to make the best informed decision? I don't think this is public humiliation when these people are in a public capacity. Ms. Scott wasn't telling us who has bad hygiene or who slurps their coffee, she instead gave us information based on job duties and abilities that show who can best lead and represent their town.
Comment by virginia on 18th September 2014
since when does professional behaviour include public humiliation?
Political Figures
Comment by Doug Thomson on 18th September 2014
I have to thank Ms. Scott for having the courage to issue her observations re. the performance of sitting council members. Her observations are obviously based on her experiences in council and as an informed community member. Some commentators are not happy with her observations about the mayor and of course that is their right. However, the mayor is a public figure, holding an important office and for better or worse must be accountable for her behaviours. A few adjectives aside, Ms. Scott is simply reporting behaviours she has observed that are germane to political discourse. Thank you, Corinne Scott
Comment by Margaret Sanou on 18th September 2014
I also don't think that Corinne has been unprofessional. I'm grateful that she has had the courage to share with voters what only those close to the the action see. Once I became more involved in community groups a few years ago, I was shocked by a number of my interactions with the mayor. I had had a positive view of the mayor but that changed.

On a number of occasions, I have felt bullied by Mayor Monaghan and, several times, she has given me information which was incorrect.

My experience, when I was involved with the bear care committee, was that on one occasion she took action before adequate information had been obtained and without informing other committee members. I felt blind sided when we met to discuss the issue.

I witnessed her being rude, at a Retire in Kitimat Task Force meeting, to representatives of RTA, insisting that they had sent an e-mail stating they were planning to do something she was not in favour of, although they denied it and she could not find the e-mail to prove her contention. A few day later she found the e-mail and saw that she had been incorrect.

When RTA annouced that the Moon Bay Marina would be closing, the Mayor phoned me and insisted that I should gather together the Retire in Kitimat Task force (all over age 60) and go down and help with the clean up of the marina. Her manner was such that I felt like she was ordering me to do it. I, of course, refused to do so, as I realized, even if the Mayor did not, that RTA would be hiring professionals with the right expertise to do the clean up and that they would not want volunteers on the site. The Mayor obviously hadn't consulted RTA regarding volunteers to help with the clean up yet she was urging me to rush down and lend a hand.

I had not been planning to share these experiences in the media but when I read the negative reactions to what Corinne has written, I felt it was my civic duty to share my experiences. I believe that what I have experienced is a pattern not isolated incidents.

We need a mayor who is a respectful, considerate team player, who gets the facts straight and who exercises good judgement. Based on what Corinne and I have told you, is this the type of mayor we have at the moment.?

going against the status quo
Comment by bill on 18th September 2014
I for one don't think Corinne's post was unprofessional, I see it as insight to all the voters who keep blindly putting the same people into power. We need people who will "rustle some feathers", just because they are on the same council does not mean they should all get along, vote the same, analyze proposals to death and get nothing done.
good statement
Comment by J.Cruijff on 18th September 2014
Excellent analysis of the current council, thanks Corinne.
Especially the mayor's one, she should have been turfed after the Alcan power court case debacle along with Feldhoff, who has not seen a tax dollar he does not like.
Hopefully we'll have candidates, who have a bit of foresight this time around
But my are we not the critic
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 17th September 2014
And your agenda is?
Jaw Dropping Unprofessional
Comment by J. Flaherty on 17th September 2014
I have always seen Council as run like a business, you have your disagreements in private and present a sanitized version to the consumers.

Those last remarks in regards Joanne and what happens behind the scenes were jaw dropping unprofessional.
Comments to my article(s)
Comment by Corinne on 17th September 2014
A number of comments have been flying in response to my article(s). To answer your question Bill, no I'm not running in this election - I'm hoping new younger people with the right attitude will be running. I enjoyed my time on Council and have heard negative comments about some of the Council members since I've left. I wanted people to really think about the importance of Council and realize the amount of work involved as well as letting people know what each member really contributes. We've got some good people on Council!
to bill
Comment by virginia on 17th September 2014
I doubt Ms. Scott would run again as most educated politicians would know that the way to lose is by damaging or smearing the reputation of others. So if it's not that, it's likely just an example of her not really thinking through the amount of damage she could do not only to herself but to others by penning such deconstructive criticism. She may consider asking for a retraction. We all make mistakes.
good points
Comment by bill on 16th September 2014
Good points, couldn't agree more about the mayor. Enbridge is like "knowing your'e pregnant" quote. I think she, as Rick Wozney did should go out with grace, rather than be defeated. She has contributed a lot to the local medical community, but she is starting to show her mind is not in the game anymore.

Lastly, Corinne are you going to run this time around?