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CONTRIBUTION · 15th September 2014
Margetts Street
Who must be accountable for this crazy, unwise and unnecessary DENSIFICATION of new housing developments in our Town!

Dear Neighbours. We want to bring to your attention the future ‘potential’ financial risks, to homeowners in our neighbourhoods and to all of Kitimat, being caused by these hasty decisions made by some members of our City Council. Council is enabling over building for our present needs, and possibly Kitimat’s future

Is our Council really considering what will happen to the value of our homes if only one, possibly two LNG Plants are built in Kitimat? It should be kept in mind that if we fail to create enough JOBS to not even replace the JOBS we have lost in recent years, somebody is going to hold the (empty) bag at the end. Us!

The approval of rezoning land for new housing developments, which was zoned before by previous City Councils, is creating a lot of grief among many Kitimat residents and close neighbours of these proposed developments. These Kitimat residents are opposed to them because of the high density being proposed by developers. Proposals seemingly being prematurely endorsed by certain Council members.

All those who purchased their properties in the neighbourhoods near 1851 Kingfisher Ave North, the Konigus, Liard and Nadina Streets area and at the Blueberry Ave area in Strawberry Meadows, knew when they bought their properties, what was planned for the lands next to them, based on the existing zoning!

Now, we face the possibility of serious ‘economic consequences’ along with all the residents living in the vicinity of these developments, all our neighbourhoods and our entire Community! Here is why:

-The property at 1851 Kingfisher Ave North: In 1991, our City Council of the day zoned this small piece of buildable land (only 2.6 acres), between Margetts Street and the Golf Course, for 40 high-end units with a minimum distance of 9 metres between each building. Now, a developer is pushing for rezoning of the same land, to allow them to build 53 units with a minimum distance of only 3.5 metres between each building! Moreover, the kind of proposed units and their appearance do not complement the existing housing in the neighbourhood or our Great Golf Course. Why is Council seemingly endorsing these changes?

-The property at Konigus, Liard and Nadina Streets area was zoned many years ago, for 80 single family homes. Now, a developer is pushing for ‘fast track’ rezoning of these lands to build 217 units!
Why is Council endorsing this change?

-The property at 4 Blueberry Ave was zoned for 2 units. Now, the owners are seeking to rezone this land to build 28 units, which include a secondary suite per unit to be rented out by the owner, to augment the cost of the mortgage. What is going to happen if and when, a renter can not be found or the renter can not pay the rent? Why is Council seemingly encouraging this change?

-Because Kitimat is in the news just about every day, the hype of housing construction here is in full swing. However, at the moment there are over 100 homes for sale and there are no buyers in sight. This is already the result of over capacity in housing, coupled with lack of demand!

If you feel as concerned as we are, please join us at the next Council meeting on Monday, September 15, at 7:30 PM, in our new Council Chambers located at the Kitimat Community College. Let our Mayor and our Councillors see you there and help them to make their best decision. It is to say “NO” to these unneeded ‘and unfair’ rezoning applications!

The time to act is now! Too much damage could be done if we stand by and wait for a different Council at the coming November Municipal Election, to correct these wrongs. Thank you,

The residents of Margetts Street, Kitimat, B.C.
No Buyers.
Comment by Tiny Tim on 19th September 2014
Even if it will be affordable who is going to buy it? Feel sorry for all the people that are trying to sell their house. Soon they will be competing with all the new houses on the market. Good luck.
Not affordable!
Comment by bill on 19th September 2014
$366,000 is not affordable, this is more expensive than current housing. And $1700/mo for 400 sq.ft, are the floors made of gold? This is joke..bring on the lawyers!!!
Class action
Comment by John Smith on 18th September 2014
Yes in fact the class action suites are coming, count on it Joanne!
where is Mike Holmes?
Comment by roguemc on 17th September 2014
Maybe the problem everyone's got with the housing on the market right now is that everything is priced double what its worth, whether its a lowly mobile home or a proud 2 storey on Blueberry. Any takers out there for out dated boring floor plans, inefficient 2x4 construction, mold infested homes that would keep Mike Holmes in business for decades to come? Have at it buddy/'s.
Even if these older homes have been tightened up with new windows, vapour barriers, and insulation, its unlikely any thought went into proper ventilation. Once the off gassing from new carpets, paint, flooring, and trim, wears off from that 'pre sell reno'...that new home smell in your old Johnson Crook house will no longer mask what's lurking behind finished walls.
Value, efficiency, health, are all important to me.

Price Reduced
Comment by Tiny Tim on 16th September 2014
How can we build more new houses? There are 100 listed houses on MLS and no one is buying it. Lots of affordable houses are listed right now for 100k+. How can you say its a affordable housing if your are paying close to 400k. By next year there will be 300 listings and no buyers. Maybe then we will have some affordable houses for 60k since no one will be buying them.
growing pains
Comment by j.s on 16th September 2014
unfortuanetly ,not every one is going to like the developement that this town is finally seeing. this town is compact in size and if its going to grow its going to grow right around every thing already here, the cost of rent and housing is way out of reach for alot of people here, being financially established and situated is what every one wishes and works for.
Hard to turn down now
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 16th September 2014
With regards to the proposal downtown; When rezoning in part of Strawberry Meadows was granted to PTI for a 2000 man camp (even though it seemed pretty clear that most Kitimat residents were against it), it will look pretty bad if Council turns down two long-term Kitimat residents who want to invest in some nice housing for 14 families who can't afford anything else. The in-law suites are an excellent idea to help these people have a nice home of their own. As for the ones behind the Golf Course, have you seen all the condos surrounding the Golf Course in Kelowna? It's exactly where retirees want to live...
Comment by GRC on 15th September 2014
Very good article you have written! You have the correct facts and info and I am glad somebody is willing to do something instead of just talking about these issues at a local coffee place. I will be there at the council meeting for sure and I would like to mention I don't even live near any of these areas mentioned. I am a long term resident and have seen many changes here over the years and these proposals are not good choices. I hope there is a very strong showing of people to support the
" NO " message at the council meeting!
Land owner
Comment by John Smith on 15th September 2014
A to the point letter. lets hope council can open there eyes before the citizens start class action law suits as result of their lack of respect for the people of Kitimat

The residents of Blueberry Ave.