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REPORTING · 3rd September 2014
Doug Thompson
I'm angry, so damed angry I could spit, to quote my dear mother. The fact that teachers are taking job action primarily to support a quality public education system is appalling. I'm disgusted by BC's school trustees who know that the public school system is grossly underfunded, but continue to remain silent and betray their public trust by acting as toadies to the provincial government. I'm horrified by BC School Superintendents who are even more aware of the disastrous state of public education and all, save Victoria's Superintendent remain silent. Finally we get to School Administrators whose silence is particularly egregious and appallingly negligent - they know!

Rest assured that tomorrow Christie Clark's son will toddle off to his school that is housed in beautiful buildings; will join his very, very small classes; enjoy amazing curricular & extracurricular activities; and use equipment for which our children only dream. Learning problems as we know them not accepted there.