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REPORTING · 26th August 2014
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council received the Monthly Policing Report for July from Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison on Monday August 18th. He expressed there were some changes at the office. One member transferred out, one is on maternity leave and the Office Manager has retired and there is a gap to replace the new office manager who received a promotion.

“We had 424 calls this past month of July. In June, there were 421 so we slipped up slightly, but we average about 415 so we’re just about above average,” said Harrison. “In most of our crime stat categories, we are down, or else there is no change.”

There were 3 reports of sexual assaults in July, 11 for the year compared to 7 at this time last year. Common assaults and criminal harassment are up compared to last year. There were two instances Possession of Cocaine bringing the total to 9. Last year, the total was 4. There have been charges for possession of Marijuana reported this year, 17 reported at this time last year.

“Impaired driving, we had 17 this last month for a total of 65 so far this year. Last year, for a total for the year, we had 61 and we still got half a year to go,” said Harrison.

He expressed that with the increase in traffic, there have been 28 tickets issues in July for 269 this year. There were 237 issued all together last year. There were 407 warnings and 283 warnings last year. He pointed out when there is not as much serious crime to investigate; the members go out and do their own enforcement.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff clarified that with more members, they have more time available to enforce the law. He was told that is fair, and the members have a lot more confidence. Feldhoff wanted to know what Council could do to make the community safer and reduce crime.

“One of the things I have always stressed is if anybody notices crime, it goes right from the pier person who crosses on the double solid line on the highway in front of you, report it. If it is not reported, we do know it and we can’t focus any of our energies to trying to resolve it,” said Harrison.

He told the Council if they know about it, they will be able to do something about it.

Harrison is reminding the people of Kitimat that school is expected to start up again soon. He is asking the public to slow down and take their time going to School. The members will be enforcing the school zones: “Provided school starts.”

Councillor Rob Goffinet added there were not as many cases of vandalism in the summer. He thanked them for being visible and proactive. Harrison added that Goffinet came to learn more about impaired drivers. He extended the same opportunity to Council.