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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd August 2014
Corinne Scott
Fall is almost upon us, children returning to school, and the local elections for School Board Trustees and District of Kitimat Mayor and Council will be here before we know it.

This election will be one of the most critical, if not THE MOST critical in Kitimat’s history. It will be the first time that Mayor and Councillors will be elected for a four year term instead of three years, and Kitimat is facing potentially major changes and development.

It is a time that all electors must be very careful in their choice of Mayor and Council. I was honoured by the electors trust in me for the three (+) years I served on Council, and wish to provide food for thought in preparing for the next election. This isn’t the time to mark an ‘X’ in the box beside a candidate’s name because they are a friend, or their name may be familiar.

We need to make each vote count for those that have experience, or potential, in making good business decisions on behalf of the residents. The candidates chosen must be able to listen to all sides of an issue prior to making decisions, they need to be professional in their conduct and treat each other, as well as the public, with respect, they must be able to meet and talk in a well-spoken and knowledgeable way with industrial leaders, neighboring municipalities, and other levels of government, they must be able to understand the issues and ramifications of their decisions and plan for the future of Kitimat.

I urge all voters to examine the performance of all council members with these points in mind and to talk to community leaders to find out what their experience has been with the current Council.

Candidates need to be aware of the dedication required to be prepared for and attend meetings (sometimes two, three or more per week), be available to travel on occasion, be willing to listen to the publics’ concerns and suggestions, and receive phone calls any day of the week. The residents of Kitimat want to be proud of their representatives and successful candidates are in the public eye and their conduct is being judged 24/7. The elected official must be ‘true to themselves’, display integrity and honesty, and keep the ‘big’ picture in mind for what they truly feel is the best for the majority of residents, after studying and contemplating an issue.

Next time I’ll talk about what candidates should expect if they run for Council.

Food for thought……….

Corinne Scott