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REPORTING · 14th August 2014
Walter McFarlane
It’s been a good summer for the Kitimat Bear Aware Program. On Monday, August 11th, they held a BBQ featuring groups from around the community and spreading the word about bear safety and various other emergency related organizations.

The groups which came out were the Kitimat Search and Rescue, Kitimat Marine Rescue, the Humane Society, the Kitimat Emergency Awareness Program and the Conservation Officer.

“We’ve had two community presentations, we’ve had one in July, one coming up this Thursday on the 14th. We’ve had good turnouts and people are keeping us well informed on Facebook and different medias about bears and I think people are learning,” said Nathan Closter.

Two bears were destroyed this year. “The biggest thing is on people to make sure their garbage is well put away and make sure the bears don’t get habituated,” said Closter.

Jenna Davis explains they want to make that number zero over the coming years. “We don’t want bears to suffer because of human error in Kitimat,” said Davis.

The program will conclude for 2014 on August 22nd, but people can still keep the community informed by posting to the District of Kitimat Bear Aware Facebook Page. They expect it will run again next year if they get a good response from the community.

Don not forget to come out tonight, Thursday August 14th for a hiking safety presentation put on by Kitimat Search and Rescue and a bear safety presentation by the Kitimat Bear Aware Program at 7:00 pm at Riverlodge.
Ethan Fairbrother lands a big catch at the fishing booth
Ethan Fairbrother lands a big catch at the fishing booth
Kevin O'driscoll has his face painted
Kevin O'driscoll has his face painted
Fish guts etc.
Comment by roguemc on 23rd August 2014
What we do with left over crab, fish bones etc. is freeze them right away once were done. Then on the morning of garbage pick up we send it out with the trash.
I would like to point out that some slob dumped a bunch of whole crabs right at the half way point of the Pine creek trail. They are right where you come onto the old road just before the busted up bridge. Be very careful if you are hiking in the area, as I am sure this will attract bears. If that weren't bad enough, once you cross the creek there is garbage tossed around, old meat wrappers and other house hold garbage. I would love to catch the idiots in the act. I`ve always got a camera on me.
Bear Aware aprogram
Comment by roma on 21st August 2014
The picture with the little kids in the bear trap gave me an idea.
How about putting the trap in City Center and filling it with all the idiots who leave garbage around then charge an admission fee to come and have a look at them so we can see who is not getting the message!!!!
Remember it's not the bears fault.
Here is a great question for the group to answer.
Comment by Larry Walker on 20th August 2014
At a recent presentation to Mayor and Council in Kitimat, they talked about dumpsters and garbage and what to do about them as they attract bears. Well, what about "fish guts"? How many people to to the river and bring home their catch of salmon, clean it, but what to do about the waste product "fish guts". Now take the same problem with people going out fishing for the day and bring home their boat, 4 cohoe, 2 pinsk, a chum, a halibut, 6 crabs each and a dozen cod? How and where do they dispose of the remains. If you fish on a Sunday and your garbage pick up is on a Friday, you are not, repeat not going to store the stuff in your garage or garbage can. No, you find a dumpster with no lock and get rid of the mess.

Just multiply this by the number of fishermen out there and it equals hundreds and hundreds of fish per day and probably a thousand or so a week.

What is the solution. Just saying......