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REPORTING · 25th July 2014
Walter McFarlane
Loblaws has confirmed that in 2015, the Kitimat Supervalu will be converted to a No Frills store.

“NO FRILLS grocery stores are a proven discount model that offers a price value proposition to its customers through its Won’t Be Beat® promise, “If you find a cheaper price, simply show us and we will match.*” Customers shopping at NO FRILLS stores will be able to find popular President’s Choice®, no name® and national brand products, as well as produce, meat, dairy items and baked goods,“ said Loblaws.

They expressed they look forward to and appreciate serving their Kitimat Customers at the No Frills Store.
Gone too far
Comment by roguemc on 31st July 2014
Change sucks....I hope you catch a break, and something good comes from this. Was just trying to be optimistic at first, sorry if I've offended anyone.
low paying jobs
Comment by curious on 31st July 2014
what is this town going to do, when everyone leaves these local businesses to go work at these jobs that are paying so high and with benefits? Maybe we as a community need to think about this. I think people are already seeing it, when your customer service offensive but most businesses can only get kids to work. Employees are already quitting there jobs to work out at kmp ect. and of course who wouldnt they need more income to take care of there family. So in regards to Super Valu becoming a no frills, think about it, how are they going to employee people at minimum wage???? Ask yourself that
no thrills
Comment by suck it on 31st July 2014
i would like to know how exactly people in this town could work at this new store (no frills)with no benefits and on minimum wage? Some of these people dont have another income, ex. like a spouse that works at a high paying job. There are people who have worked at Super Valu for up to 30 years and are being forced out. So if you think your going to get good service good luck...its called no frills for a reason. and if you like prepackaged meat and no deli service hahha well this is the store for you....maybe some people need to get schooled on what a no frills is least on a positive note...there are lots of high paying jobs out there....and now i think i will take an asprin thanks tips! lol
anger issues...
Comment by roguemc on 30th July 2014
I stand corrected, apparently I was wrong to suggest no layoffs. There are only going to be 4 persons on staff daily at the new no frills store, (our present store has 10-12).
Thank you concerned citizen, we can all sleep better now.
PS concerned citizen, if you haven't already done so, you might want to consider taking an aspirin a day in case you have a stroke or
No Lay offs?
Comment by concerned Citizen on 30th July 2014
Currently Supervalu has a staff of 32 employees. No Frills stores have minimal customer service and it is my understanding that there will be no more than 2 cashiers and 2 sales staff employees daily. If this is the case than how can a comment be made reagarding no lay offs? Supervalu daily has between 10 to 12 employees on the floor with full customer service in all fresh depts. so NO LAY OFFS YOU SAY!!
No frills store
Comment by Linda Campbell on 30th July 2014
I'm just thankful we will have 2 grocery store's and
jobs instead of a closure
Who knows maybe even see a Nechako Centre development at some point as well

Oh and Presidents Choice at Shoppers was announced a while back so if we still want those products some will be available.
Yes we still have choices, and I for one am happy for that!!
no frills,no problem
Comment by roguemc on 29th July 2014
If the store is modeled after the wholesale store in Terrace, then what's the problem? They will still sell meat, dairy, fruit, veggies, etc..
Cheaper than Overwaitea, and no lay offs. You're going to see restaurants in kitimat liking this idea. Seems to me they are serving Kitimat just fine.
No PC Master Card.
Comment by Larry Walker on 28th July 2014
Changed to Alaska Airlines MC....they don't support the people of Kitimat, we will not buy from them.
Comment by jdc on 27th July 2014
so does this mean lesser quality items? Cheap meats?
No Frills No Thrills
Comment by Sad on 25th July 2014
All the years of good service and you convert to a NO FRILLS store! Kitimat is going to boom! We need to get out from under this NO FRILLS crap.