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REPORTING · 23rd July 2014
Walter McFarlane
The Kingfisher Housing Development is still receiving attention in Council. On Monday, July 21st, Councillor Phil Germuth made a motion to have staff prepare a report on the liability of accepting the slopped area of the 1851 Kingfisher Development (adjacent to the golf course) as parkland. He also wanted staff to meet with the proponents to make units accessible.

“I have concerns about the potential liability of us accepting a sloped area. I see that as even more important now with the updates we got today on the land,” said Germuth. “I would like staff to let us know what potential liability we are putting ourselves into many years down the road as possibly, if that slope starts going away, are we then liable to that development as I’m guessing we would be.”

The updates were explained by various Councillors throughout the discussion. Germuth explained the update they received is there will be 8 units on the North East side of the property which will be closer to the slope. Mayor Joanne Monaghan explained there will be 10 units made available for the mobility challenged.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff explained that there would be one of the buildings which was close to Margetts street would be moved away from the street.

Feldhoff agreed with the motion. He asked the staff to look at it in an expeditious fashion. He expressed the area had a Geo Technical Analysis. He asked staff to confirm this and address the parkland aspect.

The motion for a report from staff was called and carried. The motion for accessible units was withdrawn.