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REPORTING · 21st July 2014
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat Council Meets tonight, Monday, July 21st for their Regular Meeting of Council, 7:30 Pm, at the City Council Offices at North West Community College in Kitimat.

The meeting begins with a presentation from Sergeant Graham Morgan with the Monthly Policing Report for June. Following is a presentation from Leonard Kerkhoff who is presenting on a proposed zoning bylaw for a development for 201 units of housing in the Konigus/Liard/Nadina Street area.

After approving minutes, there are three motions which are scheduled. Councillor Phil Germuth is making a motion asking staff to prepare a report regarding the liability of accepting the sloped areas as a park in the development of Kingfisher Avenue. Councillor Mario Feldhoff has a motion to invite west coast refinery proponents to Kitimat to meet with Council and the community to discuss their concerns. The final motion comes from Councillor Mary Murphy, to ban all single use plastic bags from Kitimat starting at the checkout lines.

There are two bylaws for Council’s consideration. The first is final adoption of the Residential Cardboard Ban. The second is the first reading for the Riverbrook Estate, the 201 unit housing development which was presented on.

Six reports are scheduled. The first is on the development permit bonding requirement for the viewpoint apartments, then, there is a travel grant request for Sheena Bartel to attend the 2014 World Masters Swimming Championships and an update on the Municipal Alcohol Policy.

The next report is on the Unsightly Premises Process, a grant request for the Knudson Family Fundraiser and the reports conclude with the incentive program for secondary suites.
Comment by roguemc on 26th July 2014
C'mon M, are you saying Nechako center, Service center, didn't have a good run of it here in Kitimat before it went down hill? Those buildings contributed to the economy for many years. Its sad to see the state they are in now, but show me a city or town that hasn't gone through some distress over the years. Economics is a useful tool to be sure but it cannot be 100% correct all the time. You win some, you lose some. For example all the studies could not foresee the MagCan disaster in High river Alberta. Also the US recently discovered major reserves of LNG that now threaten our very own LNG project because they want to dump it on the Asian market a.s.a.p. Its a race to get our product out before they do and it seems they have more to lose. While these examples seem to support your side of the discussion, I'm only making the point that economics is not a crystal ball. This town could really prosper despite your views, and others seem to feel that's the case. There are eyes on our community with all this construction going on and we need to show them this town is ready to build.
This world of ours is in rough shape though, Countries are facing bankruptcies including out neighbors to the south. Eventually it wont matter where you live, its going to come down to extreme hardship before things sort them selves out. Kitimat is as good a place as any to weather the storm. People around here may as well enjoy some affordable housing before it hits.
re:re developer overbuild
Comment by M on 24th July 2014
Ah yes the wise words from someone who has no clue how economics work. One thing I can tell you is the bust will be far worse for the community than the boom we are feeling. Take a look around, Nechacko center, Alexander townhouses, Aluminum city motel, the majority of service center, were these not "new buildings" constructed during growth phases...and even they could not be saved from disrepair. And were do all these people you speak of plan to be employed??? Our net job less even with two LNG plants will be in the 5 to 6 hundred range. I support stable growth, but 200 units?? That's asking for a problem. PS I don't own any rentals!
re: developer overbuild
Comment by roguemc on 23rd July 2014
I think the only people worried about these up coming housing projects are the ones gouging the citizens of Kitimat. No sense handing back the keys 'M' there will be plenty of residents willing to pay fair prices for new homes to live in rather than 40-50 year old junkers like the one you rent out. Looks like your ship finally came in, but its about to set sail again...with out you.
bag ban
Comment by Dan on 23rd July 2014
The bag ban was tried in fort mcmurray. A complete failure. The majority of people had to end up buying "green" bags each time they bought groceries which adds up fast at a dollar a bag. Good idea in theory, but not practical.
developer overbuild
Comment by M on 21st July 2014
54 units on Kingfisher, 201 units on Liard.....What if LNG never comes???? Be prepared to board these up and turn over the keys to the bank!!!