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NEWS RELEASE · 16th July 2014
Kitimat RCMP
The Kitimat RCMP is reminding the public to be Bear Aware in the Kitimat area this summer.

On July 15th the Kitimat RCMP and BC Conservation Service received a complaint of a young male Grizzly bear rummaging through a tent near the Pollution Control Center off of the Lower Dyke Road.

Upon arrival the RCMP member immediately encountered and observed a lone Grizzly bear attempting to get into a tent. Several attempts were made to frighten the bear from the area, but it appeared that the bear was human food habituated and goal oriented into getting into the tent. The campsite was littered with human food, garbage, and fish guts. The apparent tent owner’s dog was tied within 2 feet of the bear, barking and growling, and this did not deter the bear. The decision to shoot the bear was made and it was destroyed.

Through consultation with the Kitimat Bear Aware program the following suggestion are being made to reduce odours that attract bears;

- Keep a garbage free campsite

- Throw fish guts into the water after cleaning

- Ensure all food and fish is far away from your tent

Feeding bears even unintentionally, is against the law in British Columbia (See Dangerous Wildlife Protection Act Sec 88.1)
"another reason "
Comment by CEM on 18th July 2014
Just another reason that there should be no camping along the river, now a forest fire....
Inaccurate Statement By Police
Comment by Chris Holahan on 17th July 2014
I was down on the river on Monday afternoon with the owner of that camp. We spent a couple of hours cleaning up garbage left in the area by others! As a result, over $30 was made in refunding deposits on returnables at the Return It Centre. BTW, the owner of the camp does not drink. Also, there was no food at the camp site and there never is. The only possible attractant at the camp site could be the dog's food. As we left the area, there was no garbage, food or fish guts there at the time. The area is a well used public area, and it is possible anyone else could have left behind garbage or fish guts after we left.
Unfortunately, the owner of this campsite has to spend a couple of hours every day cleaning up after other people.
Common Sense
Comment by Anonymous on 17th July 2014
Unfortunately this bear had to be killed because of the negligence of humans. I hope charges are being laid against those who were responsible for the strewn garbage and imroper disposal of the fish guts that led to the demise of this grizzly bear.
waste of a bear
Comment by J.Cruijff on 16th July 2014
As the story goes, the bear was apparently "human food habituated" who established that? The moron that left the food, fish parts and garbage laying around attracted a young grizzly.
If this is against the law what happened to mr. stupid, did they charge him, throw him, his dog and his tent out of the area?
Once again we should not allow people to camp at the river to prevent this thing from happening.

bear aware ? responsable camping
Comment by j.s. on 16th July 2014
its time that something be done about this not going away situation , anyone camping here in kitimat must be held responsable for keeping a clean campsite no matter whare it is. littering is littering and is not tolerated in any normal comunity , or campsite. on the other hand its the towns responsability to accomidate and change with the influx of people coming here from all over the world to enjoy, and or work here. to continue to do nothing untill the season is over is not the answer, a couple of new campsites at herschcreek is not the answer, now we are killing the natural wild life becouse of inaction hopefully some one will start to care enoughf to finally do something posative on this issue.
Why wasn't the bear trapped and relocated?
Comment by Larry Walker on 16th July 2014
If people were not allowed to squat down by the river there would be no food, no fish guts, no garbage. If you are going to camp then do it in a camp ground and pay a few bucks for the privilege and all the amenities (like garbage cans). This bear died because of your stupid-icy and some trigger happy cop and so called "conservation officer".