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REPORTING · 7th July 2014
Walter McFarlane
LNG Canada held an open house and Barbecue on Tuesday, June 24th to show the community of Kitimat what the finished project might look like, through the assistance of a massive 3D model which shows the site, the surrounding area, and the Kitimat Town site.

“The purpose of today is we’re doing an open house just talk to the community; hear input from the community about what we’re doing, and showing a site model. This is the first time we’ve had a site model out of what the LNG Canada site will look like,” said Katherine Burtwhistle.

They use the feedback to tell them what they can do better and how they can work together with the community to build the best project they can. The model took about 4 months to make.

In addition, LNG Canada was letting the community know what the project could mean for Kitimat, from jobs, diversifying the economy, and funding local safety, development, education and environment initiatives. Jane Newlands guided us through he information.

LNG Canada leaders and partners signed a document where they are committed to build a capacity to take advantage of the local jobs and opportunities associated with the project.

They are working in the schools to create to help skills trade training and in the public schools, raising interest in science by sponsoring science fairs. LNG Canada is also assisting Kitimat achieving recreation goals. Marine safety is important so the project is doing a study on marine mammals.

LNG Canada wants to make sure the problems which past projects have brought to Kitimat do not repeat themselves. With housing as an issue, they want to make an expandable camp, up to 7500 workers. There are plans to work with developers to make new housing stock in the community to meet their long term needs so they are not displacing existing residents.

To help relieve traffic, we were told LNG Canada will not allow private vehicles at their camp. Workers will be bussed throughout the project. They are also promoting the safety of transporting LNG.