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REPORTING · 30th June 2014
Walter McFarlane
Council was asked to approve a budget transfer of $200,000 for the construction of a Radley Park Shower/Washroom and the septic system/lift station. Councillor Mary Murphy made the motion to move the funding. Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked Martin Gould to explain what all of this means.

He was told the lift station came in under budget and the washroom facilities came in over budget. There was not enough money to finish the bathroom and in order to move money around within a capital project, they need the permission of Council.

Gould said there were plans to do this in two phases. The first phase was for the bathroom and Sani-dump. The second phase was for new campsites. They do not know what the pricing is going to come back as, but they feel they need to proceed with the lift station and bathroom first. They believe they have enough money for the road. While Gould planned to develop 10, the district may not have the funding for all of them.

Feldhoff suggested budgeting so the sites could be finished this year. “The pressures are on us. They cover the full gambit of housing and campsites are part of it. This addresses Radley Park. I think we have another motion about exploring options for Hirsch Creek. We need to work on all fronts, and if we need more money, then that’s something we need to talk about sooner rather than later,” said Feldhoff.

Murphy wanted to know more about the usage of Hirsch Creek and Radley Park. She was told Hirsch Creek has been full since the day it opened. Radley Park is around 3/4ths full. It tends to be completely full over the weekend. There are 42 sites at Radley Park, ˝ of the sites are electrified.

Germuth wanted to know what the original cost of the washroom was. He was told it was about $500,000. The original cost 2 years ago was $170,000. “The cost of doing business in Kitimat is significant at this time and many contractors are taking advantage of that. Also, trying to find contractors to do the work is difficult,” said Gould.

They went back to the engineering firm because they could not justify the cost and reduced it by $100,000.

Gould expressed the goal is to be complete this fall. Germuth clarified the completion of the Sani Dump because people want to know when it will be up and running again. “If all goes right, we will have the new sani dump in operation by August,” said Gould.

The motion was called and carried.