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REPORTING · 25th June 2014
Walter McFarlane
Council is once again discussing a Residential Cardboard Ban at the land fill. On June 23rd, Council agreed to bring it up again at the Regular Meeting of Council on July 7th for the consideration of 3 readings. Councillor Mario Feldhoff made the motion.

A memo to Council explained that this motion will ban residential cardboard from the landfill. This bylaw will exclude cardboard which is “impregnated with blood, grease, oil, chemical, food residue or wax, or have polyethylene, polystyrene, foil or other non-paper liners, or are contaminated with wetness, dampness or a materials which will render the corrugated cardboard contaminated and therefore unmarketable.”

Administration explained they are going to need an education campaign so they would start the program in September. They want the bylaw to go ahead at a televised meeting so these changes do get out to the public.

“I think many citizens have already incorporated this into their daily lives based on the motion that we passed a few years ago. A bylaw is required to enforce the motion but to encourage further notification of the public, let them know a change is coming, this is good,” said Feldhoff.

He expressed this is an incremental change to solid waste recycling and it will extend the life of the landfill. Businesses have adapted to the Commercial Cardboard Ban and residents who do not recycle their cardboard can find a way to adapt.

Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen wanted to remind people that the Kitimat Bottle Depot is taking the plastic clamshells, glass and aluminium cans as a part of the Multi-Materials BC Promotion. Further information on what can be recycled there can be found on the District of Kitimat Website found by clicking here.

Feldhoff stated this Ban will have some teeth so people who are informed but continue to ignore it will be ticketed. He was told this is correct. The motion was called and carried and will return as a bylaw on the 7th of July.