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REPORTING · 20th June 2014
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council on Monday, June 16th began, as always, with Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s good news.

“The Council and the Mayor have been extraordinarily busy, the last week, I think we’ve had meetings every noon. That keeps everyone very, very busy. Plus your evening meetings,” said Monaghan.

Her and Ron Poole met with the Vice President of Shell who is committed to work with Kitimat on Many projects. Monaghan gave out scholarships on June 5th and she gave out $16,000 worth of awards. She cut the cake at the Senior’s week. She Met with Northern Development and asked for an opportunity for funding for the airport.

The Council participated in the Defend Dignity Program, the Prayer Breakfast, the NHA Meeting, the Housing Committee and a meeting with the School Board.

On June 8th, Monaghan spoke at the Luso Flag Raising event to kick off Camões week. She spoke at their banquet on Saturday Night. Council talked with MP Bob Zimmer and MP Nathan Cullen on the Enbridge project and the proposed refinery.

Council hosted the medical students at noon and in the evening on the 12th. On Saturday, Monaghan reviewed the army cadets.

During the Council reports, Councillors elaborated on the conference calls with Cullen and Zimmer. Councillor Rob Goffinet said they were both interesting. Councillor Mary Murphy expressed she found the call very beneficial.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated they talked to both Zimmer and Cullen about Enbridge and the Black Refinery.

“I’m a little disappointed with our MP and the response we got from him, in my opinion, it was lukewarm and tentative and I would have expected more for 3000 direct jobs and 3000 indirect jobs, I would expect more. I’m a little disappointed that our MP isn’t pushing for this as a means of reducing risk related to the Bitumen project,” said Feldhoff.

He stated he wanted Cullen to apply pressure to the Federal Government in order to be against the Northern Gateway while at the same time, be in favour of something that would improve the riding while reducing risk.
What about the rivers??
Comment by Trin7 on 25th June 2014
I agree with FayEllen - does the council not understand that bitumen will be risking our rivers?? Not sure why the council can't understand - what's dangerous for our Douglas Channel is dangerous for our rivers! We need Canadian manufacturing jobs; not jobs exporting Canadian resources!
...asked before
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 20th June 2014
How can you be against Northern Gateway and supportive of a refinery here? The bitumen for the refinery would come through a pipeline!