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REPORTING · 5th June 2014
Walter McFarlane
Council went to the North Centre Local Government Association Meeting from May 6th to May 9th in Fort Saint John. On Monday, June 2nd, the Councillors talked about their activities at the meetings.

“Probably one of the highlights out of that was touring the Natural Gas Facilities. We went to a drilling well to see how that all works and everything, all the casings that are used. From there, it was over to a compressor station where the well will feed the compressor station and then you have a refridge facility which would be the last thing before a pipeline coming to Kitimat. It was interesting to see how many wells feed a compressor station and how many compressor stations feed a refridge facility,” said Germuth.

He explained it would take five refridge facilities to feed a pipeline coming to Kitimat.

Councillor Mary Murphy explained she went up to Fort Saint John for a golf tournament and enjoyed it. She then toured the town and the Hospital, which is leased to the city.

Councillor Rob Goffinet expressed the trip to Fort Saint John was an eye opener and they ranged about 130 km away from the town on back roads touring compressor stations. They saw a mega pad where omni directional drilling will take place and will have the capacity of 20 pads.

Kitimat also had a motion which received support from the officials who were there. It was on “Provincial Government support on communities adversely impacted by rapid economic growth and the extreme duress that the housing market and people most at risk with low cost housing have and that did pass. I don’t think anyone voted against that one,” said Goffinet.