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REPORTING · 4th June 2014
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion at the Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, June 2nd to contact Member of Parliament Bob Zimmer from Prince George and MP Nathan Cullen to further discuss Kitimat’s support of Kitimat Clean and opposition to Northern Gateway.

“MP Bob Zimmer, chair of the BC Yukon Caucus arguably has access to the Prime Ministers Office. Meeting with him will hopefully give our community greater position to influence the upcoming decision in respect to the JRP recommendation,” said Feldhoff.

He stated the proposal by David Black seems to be an excellent way forward because it would reduce risk and increase the value. He added Zimmer has written a letter supporting the idea of a refinery and the shipment of raw bitumen. Feldhoff stated Kitimat is opposed to the shipment of raw bitumen but is in favour of Kitimat Clean.

Feldhoff added they need to contact Cullen and impress upon him the importance of 3000 jobs in his riding and the reduction of the risk.

Councillor Rob Goffinet expressed he still had a problem with the endorsment of Kitimat Clean as a company, he would support the motion because it would attempt to bring leadership together to look at value added exports and the Council’s opposition to Enbridge.

Goffinet added Cullen has been trying to meet with Black and he believed that meeting took place in Ottawa that very day.

The motion was called and carried.
Yes to Enbridge
Comment by CEM on 7th June 2014
Not all people were a "NO VOTE", it was such a close vote. Listening to the CBC the other day made me realize that if we don't take advantage of this project it will just go somewhere else. Where will the money come from to pay for Native Land claims, higher taxes, hydro, gas, road repairs, hospitals, schools, etc. Most have a car if not 2 cars, travel on airplanes, look around your house and most is oil derivative, want to make a profit on you home when you sell. If it wasn't for Alcan, Eurocan, Methanex, where would you be. They all use Douglas Channel and are pollutors to some extent. You wouldn't have the paycheck or the pension you have if it wasn't for these 3 companies .
What is going on??
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 5th June 2014
So why did council put the citizens of Kitimat through the $15,000 plebiscite on the JRP ruling?? What part of NO BITUMEN PIPELINE ACROSS BC and NO SUPERTANKERS ON THE BC COAST, does this council not understand? Mr. Blacks refinery is a laughable pipedream at most! This council are making themselves look like a dog chasing its tail by pursuing the dreams of an eccentric who stated himself he has NO money, NO plans, NO nothing to build this fantasy refinery! This council has made themselves a laughing stock across Canada! Mr Feldhoffs useless motions concerning the Black Refinery pipedream are a waste of councils time!
Just Curious?
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 4th June 2014
I am SO puzzled! Kitimat said "No!" to Enbridge/Northern Gateway. How can we oppose Northern Gateway and support Kitimat Clean? How is the raw bitumen going to get here to be refined at Kitimat Clean?
A different pipeline is STILL a pipeline! It will still be traversing the same rugged terrain and the same watershed!
This just doesn't make sense to me!
The people voted but Council refuses to listen.
Comment by Larry Walker on 4th June 2014
The referendum was and still is a "strong vote" against the movement of tar sands oil via pipeline and ocean carrier through the port of Kitimat.

But this Council simply doesn't get it or maybe they do not really care what the voters of Kitimat are saying.

It may be a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water but I firmly believe it is time to dump this entire town council and start over with a completely new group who will hopefully listen to the voters of Kitimat and act accordingly.