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REPORTING · 17th May 2014
Walter McFarlane
The topic was portable toilets at the riverbank at the Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, May 12th. A report to Council provided 8 potential locations and a cost of $2,500. Staff told Council that at the moment, the District of Kitimat owns and maintains 5 units. Some of these toilets are moved around for events in the community.

Councillor Mary Murphy wanted make a motion to purchase portable toilets and put them in the areas which staff has identified. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to discuss every area individually and this is what Council did.

The first area which was identified was at the end of the dyke road. Councillor Mario Feldhoff questioned the wisdom of putting a toilet there because it was so far from the river. Councillor Phil Germuth stated a fisherman would have to drive to the bathroom and back.

Head of the Leisure Services Department, Martin Gould explained to Council they could not put a toilet closer to the river without first having to make arrangements with Rio Tinto Alcan who owned the land. Murphy wanted to put a lavatory there so people who were walking their dog or hiking could use it. She stated the consequences of not having a toilet there would be more costly.

Germuth stated these toilets would not go where the people who are camping could use them. Murphy asked how often they would be cleaned out and she was told they would be cleaned out once a week. However, Feldhoff found another problem; some of the locations could not be accessed by the Districtís Vactor Truck.

Location number 2, on the pollution control centre road was deemed to be similar to location number 1. Goffinet asked if toilets would be useful at these locations. Gould replied if the idea was to provide lavatories for campers, the answer was no. However, if they were trying to provide campers for hikers and other recreational uses, the answer was maybe, as he did not know how well the toilet would be used.

Number 3 was big spruce road. Goffinet said there were two toilets there and asked if a third would be useful. He was told no, but the Leisure services department would keep an eye on it and bring it back to Council if there were more users than usual.

At number 4, the pump houses, staff told Council there were a number of people camping in tents, so toilets might do well if deployed there. Number 5 is Squirrel Park. Council agreed there was already a toilet in the area. The land there is owned by DFO and RTA so the District would have to watch where they are putting them and possibly negotiate with both parties.

Number 6 and 7, Radley Park West was, again, not suitable to the Vactor Truck. However, Council was told area Number 8, Cablecar Dike Road, is used for recreation by the neighbourhood and was recommended.

Murphy appreciated the report and a motion hit the table to put toilets at location 4, the pump houses. This motion was called and carried. Another motion was made for location number 7, Cablecar. Feldhoff was not convinced so he asked for it to be monitored closely if it passes. This motion passed as well.
...when you gotta overuse & take advantage..
Comment by J.F on 20th May 2014
...and now I hear that some of the campers are actually homeowners who have rented out their houses ...WOW!
And where do you think. the. truck campes and trailers dump?
Comment by larry walker on 18th May 2014
Lots of those units are down along the river a for weeks at a time. where and when do they dump their grey and sewage waste water??
river recreation .
Comment by j.s. on 18th May 2014
these are definetaley needed amongs other things, you can,t even go out on the river and have a picknick or get a fire going for the evening and bring your dogs out without running into human waste and toilet paper scattered around, let alone even trying to find a decent place to set up camp as the whole river is claimed by these long term campers. it would be nice if hersch creek was given a major overhaul spaced out cleaned up and plenty more camp sites added the place is a mess why even call it a park kitimat has enoughf over grown bush sarounding it hopefully someone that cares will finally do something about all this.