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REPORTING · 12th May 2014
Walter McFarlane
May 10th was a day for Protest to Defend Our Climate. It in Kitimat through, it was time to take it easy for Douglas Channel Watch.

“Each community gets to choose its own theme and so this year, we’re united against Enbridge for the bulk of it,” said Murray Minchin. “A lot of communities are having really, really huge rallies to make their point. Here in Kitimat, just having won the plebiscite a little while ago, we’re taking this opportunity to relax, have a bit of fun and we’ve drawn our line in the sand and if Prime Minister Harper decides to step across it, and try and force Northern Gateway through, then it’s game on.”

Douglas Channel Watch recently won its second environmental award. This one was from Northwest Watch in Terrace. Their first one came from the Sierra Club.
Comment by soiled bird on 14th May 2014
TO CEM what jobs are you seeking unless your childern are foreign workers you might hope for them to get on spill clean up.
No time to relax
Comment by Jim on 14th May 2014
Once again DCW brags about winning the meaningless plebiscite, however the margin of
victory ( less than 60%) shows a very divided community . All we have done now is tip our hand
to show the conservatives that we are a very divided community if that's all the support we can
muster here at gound zero where it will all happen.
You can bet the conservatives will take this as a victory as they know support across Canada is much higher. Nothing to brag about if you ask me
Day of Rest
Comment by CEM on 13th May 2014
May you always have a day of rest when there is no work for our young people.