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REPORTING · 12th May 2014
Walter McFarlane
PTI held their ground breaking on Thursday, May 1st. Mayor Joanne Monaghan was on hand to extend congratulations and thanks for the project. She wished them a safe project.

“It’s been two years of working with Council, convincing Council, Mayor Joanne has been great,” said Ron Green, President and CAO of PTI. “She really put us to task about what we thought we were going to do and there were some Council members as well that really needed us to explain what we were going to do. […] We’re across the road from the nicest houses in the area and these people are friends now.”

He expressed people thought PTI was bringing in thousands of workers. This is not the case. The workers are coming and PTI is going to help Kitimat control the environment with a good, healthy and safe place to live for good hard working tradespeople. They control their facilities and people who cause problems get banned from all of the lodges across Canada. They know what people are concerned about and they know how to deal with it.

“The municipality truly have local residents and local community’s best interests at heart. They put us through the grill. They generally have to go on good faith that we’ll live up to what we say we will do. Then they put a process in place for permitting and development that we are very tightly required to follow, so this Council here has been just excellent. I mean, honestly, we started out where there was not a lot of interest in what we were going to do here,” said Green

Green expressed they are used to building in the middle of nowhere, so they are usually self-contained. In Kitimat, they will be a part of the community. They plan on hiring their workforce locally. The final design is going to look impressive. He stated a tall clock tower was one of the things he wanted.

The next step is to put in a temporary camp for their work force. It will be followed by 400 rooms in February. Construction will take 150 people. They will have 150 workers. Green explained there is such a demand for rooms, if it is built, they will come. This way, clients can focus on their projects rather than where people are living.

“This is a first for us, we’re in a community and you need to understand that we respect that and that we have to perform in a way that compliments what you already do here,” said Green. “We will buy as much locally as we can, we will employ as much locally as we can.”

Green gave special thanks to Jack Oviatt because of all of the hard work he has done to get ready for the ground breaking.
Good for Kitimat
Comment by Vern on 18th May 2014
We will benefit from this as it hires local and the workers in camp will spend at least a little of their earnings in town. As for the Jack for council idea I would vote for him.
Thanks to Jack Oviatt
Comment by CEM on 13th May 2014
Jack has done so much for the community of Kitimat . Jack certainly deserves a seat on council or Mayor of Kitimat, if only he had the time. There would be a lot of folks vote for him. He takes the bull by the horns and his work with Bull-a-Rama proved it.