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REPORTING · 12th May 2014
Walter McFarlane
Vivian Douglas was in Council on Monday, April 28th to ask Council to be on the side of the trailer court residents when a zoning amendment goes through, estimated at a year and a half from now.

“I realize before you there is no rezoning law, as of yet, but I know that in a year and a half, there will be. I am just one of 68 people who live and have our families in the trailer court. We have some RVs and the RVs bring their families off and on to stay for the next three years. They can go to the river, we cannot,” said Douglas.

She said there were a variety of incomes in the trailer court. Some people would be able to afford to move their trailers. Others would not and some trailers cannot be moved. There are no buyers if they wanted to sell their trailers because things are up in the air.

“I bring these points to you because, I think, while you are sleeping in your bed, we are worried whether we will have a roof over our head,” said Douglas. “I only hope, that when it comes to be, I hope you realize there are a lot of families involved.”

Mayor Joanne Monaghan told Douglas she spoke to the owner of Jed Stumps Estates and asked him if there were any plans for the trailer park. She was told there were none as he is busy with other things.

Douglas replied she has been collecting rent and was told the rezoning bylaw would go ahead in a year and half. She said they were working fast and it would only be a matter of time until “progress kicks us in the butt.”