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Sabastian De Sousa Edwards leads the pack as he comes into the first turn
REPORTING · 9th May 2014
Walter McFarlane
Children were racing their bikes at Riverlodge on Saturday, May 3rd. Bruce Martindale from McBike was there to help with the races.

“We’re doing our First Kids Fun Race today. McBikes is here from Terrace and their helping us out with it today,” said Marcy Rice.

There were many categories but three tracks. For the younger kids with runner bikes and training wheels, there was a track set up in the tennis courts at Riverlodge. The second track was set up in the grass between the fields and Riverlodge.

The final track was for the oldest kids and circled around the property along Peace Street and into the fields for the final run to the finish line. Martindale rode his bike alongside the older kids to show them the route.

Race results

Runner Bikes
1st Lauryn Meeds
2nd Louie Quinn
3rd Emma Quinn

12”-14” Wheel
Heat 1
1st Hudson Medeiros
2nd Tatianna Bailey
3rd Julian Teves

Heat 2
1st Sebastian Edwards
2nd Nolan Cartie
3rd Gavin Goncalves

Heat 3
1st Josh Silva
2nd Camilla Rego
3rd Ethan Ferris

16” Wheel
Heat 1
1st- Aiden McCormick
2nd William Kaines
3rd Molly Mertin
4th Braxton Sevigny

1st Jake Quinn
2nd Chanel Hall-handle
3rd Claire DeMelo
4th Sofie Ferris
5th Preston Rego

20” Wheel
Heat 1
1st Raphael Audy-Bilodeau
2nd Evan Watt
3rd Cade Cartie

Heat 2
1st Michael Barnard
2nd Connor Young
3rd Mateo Goncalves

Heat 3
1st Chad Silva
2nd Cory Mertin
3rd Corbin Hartmann
Lauryn Meeds has a ball on her runner bike
Lauryn Meeds has a ball on her runner bike