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NEWS RELEASE · 13th April 2014
Douglas Channel Watch
Kitimat residents have voted against Enbridge's Northern Gateway dual pipeline, storage facility, and supertanker port proposal.

This result demonstrates that the citizens of British Columbia cannot be bought, that we will not trade the long term health of our salmon rivers or our pristine north coast for a handful of jobs, and that we are determined to keep north coast BC bitumen free.

It can be argued that no other industrial proposal in BC's history has galvanized a larger, or more diverse assembly of opposition from First Nations, concerned citizens, religious groups, Unions, Municipalities, and more.

Canada's resources should be managed in such a way as to benefit future generations, not as short term profit enterprises for multi-national corporations.

Together, we have a voice loud enough to be heard in Ottawa.
Re: Plebiscite question. ~ JM
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 22nd April 2014
I have a theory. The question was worded so that even if one was against the pipeline, they might still be able to justify a yes vote or vote yes in error. Some people might have thought Enbridge would never be able to meet the 209 conditions so yes, they are in agreement with the JRP. I believe there will be people who will say, "I didn't really understand the question, but it was asking me if I agreed with all these people and panels, who must be really I ticked yes...but I don't want the pipeline." It's just a theory. ;)
buy local, sell local
Comment by Roguemc on 15th April 2014
I think it was on the Rutherford show (radio) where it was said Canada imports 50% of its oil. I'm not sure of the accuracy of that report, but it made me wonder.... why are we even exporting it if that's true? I understand a little about this 'free' country we live in, free trade, and so forth, but it gets sketchy when those trees or mineral rights happen to be on or below my property, and then I have no claim to them. Makes no sense that a company can go in and log our forests, drill, frack, or mine, and then export these recourses for profit, and what do we the taxpayers see for it.
We need to build refineries and sell our oil and gas cheap, to the developers of this land with the emphasis on environmentally safe energy, creating jobs in the process, then turn around and sell our technologies to the world.
We have been hearing over and over again about the need to buy as much of our food locally to cut down on green house gasses, and then what do some want to do??? Sell our resources to distant lands, that's what! If this is the plan our leaders have for us, then were all doomed.
Bring it??
Comment by Roguemc on 14th April 2014
Me,you have a short memory , remember Kemano 2 and how it looked like the giant was going to win then? The oil in our ground isn't going anywhere, and it certainly wont diminish in value any time soon. Why the rush to sell out?
Plebiscite question
Comment by JM on 13th April 2014
The question we voted on was not whether we wanted Enbridge or not. It was only if we agree with the JRP. Was it not?
Vote on Enbridge
Comment by Dena Nicholby on 13th April 2014
Thank You Kitimat for voting against the destruction of all things important to our survival and well-being. Enbridge is only good for Enbridge as Kinder-Morgan is only good for Kinder-Morgan. We must stand united to protect our food sources, our health, our amazing waterways, the air we breathe and the land we live on. Let's show big business that we can create a better province by respecting the environment.
From the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia who also does not want huge tankers carrying oil and dirty coal thru the Salish Sea.
loose truth
Comment by ron wilton on 13th April 2014
The vote NO side admits to spending nearly $15K on their campaign and Enbridge stated that they spent just under $10K.

I find the Enbridge claim hard to believe from what I have observed.

If Enbridge is being untruthful on this small matter, I wonder about the veracity of any or all of their other claims.
Bring it!
Comment by Me. on 13th April 2014
Doesn't matter what the vote count was. The pipeline will come through anyway and I'm glad it will. This place needs a boost and all the crying has to end. I'm sure if people were given a monetary benefit as others have no one would say a word. Protests like this are strictly for the "look at me" factor and is junk. I, for one am looking forward to Enbridge and other industries coming here. it's about time!
Last Municipal election numbers were lower
Comment by Merv on 13th April 2014
By my rough count of the votes cast for mayor (total cast) was 2365 - this is significantly lower than the ballots cast yesterday at 3071.
Number of voters
Comment by AJ on 13th April 2014
Only 3000+ votes! I thought that number would have been much higher. How many voters were eligible to participate? And, as others have noted, ID should have been mandatory to prevent any "discrepancies".
Now What?
Comment by Cliff Madsen on 13th April 2014
Congratulations to the people of Kitimat for sending such a strong message regarding the Enbridge project. The 60/40 rejection of the project is incredibly clear when you consider how the majority of Council crafted the plebiscite question to be confusing, the fact that Council made it non-binding (turning people off), the inclusion of temporary residents in the vote, Enbridge`s big money campaign and the absence of the Haisla people in the process. Had these been properly done the numbers would have been significantly more impressive.
The question moving forward is "what now?"
What will Council do with this message from the people of Kitimat?
What will Enbridge do next?
What will Provincial and Federal governments do in response to the people of Kitimat?
How will the people of Canada respond to the answers to these questions?
Canadians may not appear to be overly patriotic or passionate about issues all the time compared to our neighbours to the South but under this veil of politeness and understanding is a fundamental love of democracy fueled by what`s right and what` wrong.
I believe that all levels of government should tread very carefully with this one. The eyes of Kitimat, the Province, Canada and the World are on you. Ignore the democratic wishes of the people and you will be held accountable.
The Kitimat Council chose to avoid taking a position hiding behind the review process initially. Once the review panel concluded, our Council continued to do a dis-service to Kitimat by avoiding taking a leadership position given the information available to them and they decided to talk to the people through a non-binding plebiscite. As if this wasn`t enough, Council put forward a question that avoided the real issue, served to confuse people, disrespected the Haisla and allowed temporary residents with "big oil" bias to take part in the vote.
The next weeks and months will be very interesting to follow.
I want to thank the minority on Council who have tried to take a balanced approach to this whole question. I know the people of Kitimat have been watching and will be grateful for your efforts down the line. For the remainder on Council that have fought to deliver this project at all costs politely ignoring a balanced approach and the voice of the people the words "start squirming" come to mind.